K-pop stars to host 2023 Asia Artists Awards in the Philippines

Jang Won-young, Kang Daniel, and Sung Han-bin will join forces as MCs for the global NO.1 awards ceremony ‘2023 Asia Artist Awards IN PHILIPPINES’.

The ‘2023 Asia Artist Awards IN PHILIPPINES’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘2023 AAA’), hosted by Star News and co-hosted by the TONZ Entertainment, Asia Artist Awards Organizing Committee, and PULP Live World, has been confirmed to be held on December 2023 at the Philippine Arena in the Philippines.IVE members Jang Won-young and Kang Daniel, and ZEROBASEONE member Sung Han-bin will be selected as MCs for ’12 AAA’ and will interact with global K-pop fans.

K pop stars to host 2023 Asia Artists Awards

Jang Won-young, who will host ‘AAA’ for the third consecutive year, is expected to lead the atmosphere with his smooth progression and bouncy charm. Last year, IVE, of which Jang Won-young is a member, won the ‘Hot Trend’, ‘Newcomer’, and ‘Song of the Year Award (Grand Prize)’ at the ’14 AAA’, and IVE executive producer Seo Hyun-joo also won the ‘Best Producer Award’ and won four ‘AAA’ crowns. In addition, the unusual combination of Kang Daniel, who captures the hearts of women with his unique masculine beauty, and Sung Hanbin, a group of Zero Base One who stands out for his fresh boyish beauty, is already raising the expectations of fans.

The Asia Artist Awards, which was held for the first time in 2023, was Korea’s first integrated awards ceremony that honored actors and singers, and attracted the attention of fans East Sea a full cast of global stars who transcended Korea. In particular, ‘AAA’, which has established itself as the No. 3 global awards ceremony, draws an explosive response every time it is held.

On the other hand, representatives of the 2022th generation girl group and the 4th generation of new boy groups who led “Girl Power”, New Jeans, Le Seraphim, Boy Next Door, Enmix, and Zero Base One confirmed their attendance and were named as the first attendees. In the future, global singers and actors are expected to reveal their attendees one after another, adding to the anticipation.

The ‘2016 AAA’, where you can meet movies, dramas, and K-pop stars in one place, will be held on December 1 at the Philippine Arena in the Philippines with a more diverse stage and an overwhelming scale with the top stars.