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2PM’s Taecyeon Talks About His Motivation, Career & Future Plans at the Press Conference in Manila

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taecyeon press conference manila

2PM’s OK Taecyeon recently graced Manila with his presence after a decade. The press conference held ahead of his fan meeting unveiled the artist’s reflections on his return, his journey over the years, and his unwavering connection with fans.

Taecyeon expressed genuine delight at being back in the Philippines after 10 years. “Great, actually. It’s been quite a while—10 years, to be exact. Coming back is amazing”. He fondly recalled the intense heat from his last visit but noted the warm welcome despite the rain. “The last time I was here, it was very very hot; that’s all I remember. Its raining but I feel the love and support of the philippine fans from the airport so yeah I feel grateful, happy to be back here again.” he beamed.

taecyeon manila

Memories in the Philippines

Taecyeon reminisced about his initial visit, highlighting the scorching heat and a 2PM concert. “Like I said before it was very hot it, it was 2 pm concert right. We, 2pm, we all remember is that Philippine fans were so supportive, so loud they’re we’re so energetic it felt like all the fans on-stage were performing with us.”

taecyeon press conference in manila

The singer-actor eagerly shared his anticipation for the upcoming fan meeting, promising new stages for the Philippines. With a touch of nervousness, he teased, “Every city i go to I prepare something new, but this time I’m gonna be singing a new song just for you guys. I’m actually a very little bit nervous about it, but i feel very happy to be with you guys tomorrow so pls come to the show and see what happens”

15 Years Since Debut

Reflecting on his 15-year journey since debut, Taecyeon mused, “Time flies. It feels like it was yesterday.” He shared insights gained over the 15 years, emphasizing personal growth and the valuable lessons learned.

Taecyeon said,”I’ve learned a lot from my experiences. It’s been quite a journey, and I’ve become wiser, I hope.”

Transition from Group to Solo Promotions

Addressing the growth of relationships with fellow 2PM members, Taecyeon shared, “When we first saw each other, it was like business partners. But after 15 years, we feel like family. We always trust and help each other and support each other. That is the difference between then and now.”

2pm taecyeon press conference in manila

Taecyeon contrasted the dynamics of group and solo promotions. He explained the ease of shared responsibilities within the group compared to the sole responsibility of a solo artist. “Like 6 of us I think we kind of trust each other to do the best and share responsibility as a grp so I would handle some of the things and some of the things other members take care of. In responosibility wise its easier as a group than as a solo artist.” However, he expressed the joy of having fans in front, making him feel loved.”As a solo artist, you’re the one taking care of your everyday business and being on stage alone. It can gets me nervous, but having the fans in front of me makes me feel loved thank you.”

Taecyeon Motivation

Taecyeon’s motivation stems from his fans.He confessed, “My motivation is my fans. Its whats keeps me going every time i go to work, every time i perform, everytime i shown on tv or movies, it’s without you guys. Its basically meaningless. The fans are my biggest motivation to keep going.” He admitted that that their support and love give meaning to his work, driving him to expand his acting spectrum. 

Duality of OK Taecyeon: Singer vs. Actor

Taecyeon sees no stark difference between his roles as a singer and an actor. He stated, “When expressing myself, whether through singing or acting, I see myself as an entertainer. Fans see happiness in my performances.” Taecyeon considers himself a representative entertainer, aiming to bring happiness to fans, whether through singing, acting, or dancing.

Future Acting Ventures

Discussing his acting roles, Taecyeon revealed, “I share a lot with the characters personally. There isn’t one character so close to me, but all of them have some Ok Taecyeon preferences in them.”

He expressed a desire to keep trying different roles. “I wanna expand my spectrum as actor I do very light or bright comedic genre and then I do a dark ones. So, I try to keep expanding my horizon for the acting spectrum. I do wanna try different roles.”

2pm taecyeon fanmeeting manila

Taecyeon hinted at exploring roles that showcase his physique. “I want to try roles that allow me to show my physique, like a boxer or judo athlete.” he shared. The actor-singer expressed interest in roles like a boxer or judo athlete (maybe), aiming to diversify his acting skills.

Before the end of his press conference, Ok Taecyeon expressed gratitude to his fans, acknowledging their role in his entertaiment journey. “I think if not wasn’t for you guys your support and love, I don’t think I can able to do this long or longer. Its about growing. i wouldn’t say old but grow together ” He mused about growing together, emphasizing the bond they had for 15 yrs.

Special thanks to PULP Live World for the press conference invite.

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