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7 Facts About “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Star Park Eun Bin

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facts about park eun bin extraordinary attorney woo

The famous Netflix heartwarming K-drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo has won the hearts of many viewers. Actress Park Eun-bin was praised for her acting ability when she portrayed a young attorney that has an autism spectrum.

In the meantime, here are 7 facts about Park Eun-bin you should know.

Debut as a child actress

Eun Bin first appeared in the entertainment industry in the 1996 K-drama White Nights 3.98.

facts park eun bin

In an episode of My Ugly Duckling, she revealed that she continued to work after that stint and that it was somewhat difficult to balance her studies and projects at the time.

The first civilian to cross the border between North and South Korea

Following the division of the two Koreas, a barbed wire fence was erected along the demilitarized zone to separate the North & the South. In 2002, Park Eun-bin became the first ordinary citizen to cross the border, which had previously been prohibited.

North and South Korea collaborated to reconnect disjointed sections of the Gyeongui Line and Donghae Line, which once connected the two countries.

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During the groundbreaking ceremony for the two railways, she performed a peace-symbolising performance as a North Korean girl. Due to her role, she crossed into North Korea during the performance and walked back into South Korea.

Park Eun-bin revealed on the Korean variety show Happy Together that her life was in danger during the performance. As North and South Korea did not begin clearing landmines from the DMZ until 2018, Park Eun-bin ran the risk of stepping on one by accident. She was thankfully safe and had an excellent performance.

Featured in multiple K-pop MV

Eun Bin is Taeyang’s “love interest” in his “I’ll Be There” MV! Eun Bin also appeared in the MV for “Like a Star” by Taeyeon and The One, among others.

Repeatedly turned down the role of Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Eun Bin was simultaneously offered the lead role in The King’s Affection and Extraordinary Attorney Woo, but she chose to declined it. She was concerned that her portrayal of Young Woo might offend or hurt others since it was her first genius-type character that has autism spectrum syndrome.

park eun bin facts 02 1

The writer and director of the legal drama were so eager to cast her that they waited nearly a year for her to accept the role. In addition to the role in Korea Drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo, she was offered a role in The King’s Affection, which starred SF9’s Rowoon.

She is skilled at playing the violin and piano

If you’ve seen the drama Do You Like Brahms?, you know that Park Eun-bin is a talented pianist and violinist.

Park Eun-bin had taken piano and violin lessons as a child and was eager to demonstrate her skills in drama. She has previously taken violin lessons but has forgotten how to play the instrument. For this reason, she spent three months relearning the violin to deliver a spectacular performance.


The piano skills of Park Eun-bin have impressed many Internet users. She can play the piano without looking at the sheet music, a skill that requires years of practice.

She wears a wheeled backpack

Eun Bin is always organized and brings numerous items to work, so a backpack with wheels is a necessity.

In this video, you’ll also see her affection for bunnies and there’s a segment in which she expresses how much she values her fans.

She has a double degree

Park Eun-bin is more than just a pretty face. She earned a double degree in Psychology and Journalism and Broadcasting from Sogang University and spent her twenties studying diligently while acting.

park eun bin facts 4

In 2011, rumours circulated that Park Eun-bin received special treatment and was accepted into the Psychology department at Sogang University due to her celebrity status. Her school and classmates quickly attest that Park Eun-bin was a diligent student who was admitted on her merit.

park eun bin facts 1

Sogang University also reported that Park Eun-bin was admired and recognized for her intelligence. Despite balancing schoolwork and employment, Park Eun-bin was elected class president and maintained a positive attitude at school.

So don’t miss your chance to see Park Eun Bin this coming October 23, 2022 at the New Frontier Theater. Secure your tickets now!

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