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7 The Rose Songs to Listen Before their Dawn to Dusk Tour in Manila

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The rose dawn to dusk concert manila

Are you counting down the days until the Rose Dawn to Dusk Tour in Manila? Well, get ready as you’re in for a night packed with the band boundless energy.

the rose asia tour manila concert

If you are planning to attend their show, you must listen to these songs to fully immerse yourself in its diverse and emotive sound.


“Sorry” a soul-stirring ballad that showcases The Rose’s ability to convey raw emotion through their music. The heartfelt lyrics and haunting melody will set the stage for an evening of introspection and connection.


The upbeat tempo, catchy hooks, and guitar riffs make this track a must-listen before attending the concert. A familiarity with the song “RED” will undoubtedly enhance the experience of a live performance.

Back to Me

This heartfelt ballad track provides a glimpse into the depth of The Rose’s songwriting, with soulful vocals and introspective lyrics. The song allows fans to appreciate the band’s versatility and emotional nuances.

Beauty and the Beast

“Beauty and the Beast” incorporates the band’s signature powerful instruments and full-bodied vocals to talk about true love and its ability to take many forms. It begins with an impactful electric guitar and drumbeat.


She’s in the Rain

“She’s in the Rain” is one of The Rose’s signature songs, with its hauntingly beautiful melody and poignant lyrics. This track provides an opportunity to engage with The Rose’s music more deeply before attending a concert. You will appreciate the emotional impact of this song more if you are familiar with it before the performance.


The MV for the second single, “Alive,” carries the same edginess and emotion, but it’s a darker, more mature take. This song is perfect for a late-night drive. Their usual anthemic drumming is complemented by a seamless fusion of pop-rock and dubstep in the bridge. 


“Cure” is the third track from Transparent Arts’ first full-length album, HEAL, which was released under both Transparent Arts and WINDFALL. Its lyrics serve as a subtle reminder about finding the perfect cure for one’s ailments through self-reflection and community support, just like the band’s ups and downs. With its melodious vocals and anthemic drums, the song will surely evoke a sense of calmness and healing for listeners. 

The Rose Dawn To Dusk Tour in Manila

Catch them live this January 26 at the Araneta Coliseum. Secure your tickets now via Ticketnet outlets and online.

This event is brought to you by Ovation Productions and AEG Presents Asia


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