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Actor Kim Seon Ho Talks About His Cravings For Filipino Delicacies And Acting Process During The Press Conference

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kim seon ho manila press conference bench

In a BENCH press conference, the charming and talented Kim Seon Ho expressed his excitement and gratitude for returning to the Philippines as part of the Bench family. The popular South Korean actor, now a Global Benchsetter, shared his thoughts on various topics, from exploring the vibrant Filipino culture to his approach to acting.

With a warm greeting of “Mabuhay, ako si Kim Seon Ho,” the actor conveyed his genuine joy at being back in the Philippines, particularly as the face of the renowned lifestyle and clothing brand Bench. “I really feel blessed and grateful I’d see you again thru Bench,” he said, acknowledging the warm reception he received during his last visit.

Kim Seon Ho’s Culinary Curiosity

kim seon ho press conference in manila

When asked about his favorite Filipino dish, Kim Seon Ho mentioned his curiosity about trying halo-halo, a popular local dessert. Reflecting on being a part of Bench as a Global Benchsetter, he expressed his excitement, mentioning that he was aware of Bench’s prominence in the Philippines. “I feel really grateful to be an ambassador of Bench,” he shared, smiling at the thought of people encountering his images in the midst of traffic.

Kim Seon Ho’s Acting Process

The actor shares insights into his acting process. Kim Seon Ho revealed that he takes one to two months to prepare for a role. He emphasized the importance of references and conversations with directors to understand the character deeply. Despite his success, he modestly stated that he sees himself as a lazy actor but is consistently optimistic about improvement.

The Actor’s Perspective

When asked about the significance of individuality in his projects, he compared it to clothing, stating, “The character starts from him just like clothing, how he wears it, and different look and style that’s how he sees the individuality of the character.” He admitted that each new role brings a mix of worry, fear, and excitement.

Hidden Talents: A Surprising Revelation

kim seon ho bench presscon

Surprising the audience, Kim Seon Ho shared that he hasn’t discovered a hidden talent yet, but his keen eye for detail and attention to accuracy were evident during a fan meet where he excelled at spotting differences in photos.

Gratitude for the term “Good Boy”

kim seon ho press conference manila

Reflecting on the immense love he receives for the characters he portrays, especially Han Ji Pyeong in Start-Up, Kim Seon Ho expressed gratitude for being culturally accepted by many. The term “good boy” takes on a special meaning for him, describing the character’s innocence and pure-heartedness. He expresses gratitude for being accepted and loved by fans globally.

From K-Dramas to Films

Kim Seon Ho’s genuine passion for his craft and his humble, down-to-earth nature left a lasting impression on the audience, making him not just a good boy but, as the host put it, “the best boy.” With an incredible journey in K-dramas, films, and theater, Kim Seon Ho continues to capture hearts globally, proving that he is not just an actor but a storyteller with a genuine connection to his audience.


Special thanks to BENCH/ for the media invite.

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