Saturday, July 2, 2022

Airbnb Has Set Up A $10 Million OMG! Fund For The Craziest Listing Ideas In The World

-The fund will give US$100,000 to each of 100 people to design and build the most unique places in the world.

-Airbnb continues to help local communities because Filipino Airbnb hosts made over $37 million in 2021.

Airbnb is looking for the weirdest places in the world and will help pay for them to be built. The first-of-its-kind $10 million OMG! Fund is looking for ideas from designers, architects, do-it-yourselfers, and makers from all over the world, whether they want to make the next boot, UFO house, or giant potato. The fund’s $10 million will help pay for 100 of the craziest ideas, giving 100 people the chance to turn them into Airbnb OMG! Category listings, which are Airbnb’s collection of the most unique homes.

Anyone with an idea that is out of this world can apply at starting today. One hundred people with the 100 craziest ideas will each get $100,000 to make their ideas real and, eventually, bookable. An expert panel will decide which ideas are the best based on how original they are, how possible they are, how the space will make people feel, and how long they will last.

The growing trend of flexible living in the last two years has had an effect on the fund. As a result of this change, Airbnb guests want to stay in more unexpected places that are also destinations. Airbnb Categories, which came out last month, give people a new way to find these kinds of places. More than 30,000 unique listings were added to Airbnb around the world in 2021. The OMG! Category, which has one of the highest engagement rates among Airbnb guests, shows off the craziest of these listings, making it easy for guests to find them in places they wouldn’t have looked otherwise.

When people host on Airbnb, they can make a lot of money. In 2021, all Hosts in the Philippines made a total of US$37.7 million, which was a big amount of money during the pandemic2. Also, the number of nights booked at unique properties around the world rose by more than 49% from 2019 to 2021.

Airbnb Superhost OMG! Fund judging panelist Kristie Wolfe

Kristie Wolfe, a judge for the Airbnb Superhost OMG! Fund, said, “When the Idaho Potato Commission got rid of a six-ton prop potato, I took it off their hands and spent $32,000 turning it into an Airbnb.” “I went from making $13 an hour to making $208,000 in less than three years. I used that money to bootstrap my way through more listings that let me show off my creativity and connect with hundreds of people.”

A group of designers who push the limits of design, an architect, and an Airbnb OMG! Category Superhost will review the applications.

-Iris Apfel, an unmatched and irreverent centenarian style icon; Koichi Takada, founder of Sydney-based international studio

Koichi Takada Architects, known for emotional design inspired by the natural world;

Kristie Wolfe, Airbnb Superhost and prolific creator of OMG! The Potato Hotel, Crystal Peak Lookout, Big Island Treehouse, and Cocoon Cottage are all on the list.

-Bruce Vaughn, a former Disney employee who now works as Airbnb’s VP of Experiential Creative Product

The $10,000,000 OMG! Fund is open for 30 days, until July 22 at 11:59 a.m. PHT. The panel will choose the 100 people who will get the money over the next few months, and their new spaces should be finished by next year. Go to to apply.

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