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All Time Low hit the Philippine stage once again for a night to remember




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Celebrating twenty years, All-Time Low brought their longest show to the Philippine stage at their Forever Tour concert in Manila on May 3, 2024, at the Araneta Coliseum. Fans eagerly awaited their arrival in the Philippines, immersing themselves in an evening of infectious beats and anthemic choruses that became the soundtrack of their lives.

The band started off slow “Tell Me I’m Alive” and proceeded to rock the concert with “Some Kind of Disaster” and “Weightless“. The punk crowd totally lost it when the band played “Lost in Stereo“.

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Lead singer Alexander William Gaskarth was so shocked by the Philippine crowd’s reaction that he exclaimed, “Wow. How are you doing, everybody? Make some noise! We’re at an all-time low. It’s so good to be back here. Do you feel like dancing?” they asked as they performed Six Feet Under the Stars.

Alexander was so shocked by the atmosphere that he said, “Mabuhay! We’re back, baby. This is crazy. The energy here is unbelievable.  I have to take a video because my mom doesn’t believe that I make music.”

The continued to rock the night with “Poppin’ Champagne“, “Stay Awake“, “Shameless” , and “Jasey Rae“.  Alexander continued engaging with the crowd by saying, ” This is pretty surreal. This is the first place we ever played. Manila. We are celebrating 20 years of All-Time Low and it’s pretty wild. We have a lot of music and we are gonna play all of it tonight but right now I’m going to play a song called Vegas and it’s for all my good friends. It’s you”.

 The band continued with “Vegas“, Damned If I Do Ya, Do You Want Me Dead?, Runaways, Time Bomb, Backseat Serenade, Something’s Gotta Give,  Somewhere in Neverland, “Kids In The Dark“, and “Old Scars / Future Hearts“. However, during “Glitter and Crimson”, every fan lit up the Smart Araneta Coliseum with their mobile phones. 

Alexander then said, ” You guys are amazing. This is the longest set we’ve ever played not in Manila but in the whole world. I said I don’t ever wanna stop playing in Manila.” The band proceeded to play “Missing You”, “Remembering Sunday”, and “Sleepwalking”, He then asked the crowd, “Do you like Avril Lavigne?” and the band proceeded to play “Fake as Hell”. The band finished off the night with “Dirty Laundry“, “Monsters“,  “Afterglow“, “PMA“, “Calm Down“, “Modern Love / Stella“, and “Dear Maria, Count Me In“.


Every song that All Time Low played was a journey that took the audience on a whirlwind of emotions. Whether it was the nostalgic feeling of “Dear Maria, Count Me In” or the energetic vibes of “Weightless,” every lyric resonated with the crowd, creating an atmosphere of unity and camaraderie. Fans sang along at the top of their lungs, their voices merging with those of the band in a symphony of sound.

Before he left the stage, Alexander shouted to the crowd, “ We’re All-Time Low. Let’s do another twenty years! We love you!” Although the concert may have ended, its impact reverberated long after the last note echoed through the venue.

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