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Anseong Farmland: A Popular K-Drama Filming Location In Seoul


Anseong Farmland is the best place for a day trip from Seoul if you want to see flower fields and farm animals. It is a big park in the countryside south of Seoul. The perfect place to spend a day with kids or family and relax.

Image Credit: Korea Tourism Organization

About 60 km south of Seoul, in the province of Gyeonggi-do, is the city of Anseong. It has been around for a long time and is owned by the well-known Korean bank Nonghyup. Before it became a place for tourists to visit, it was a real farm that raised cattle.

In addition to the animals, Anseong Farmland is known for its large and beautiful flower fields. Every season, different flowers are in full bloom, and it’s an excellent place for couples and families to take pictures. Flowers like rapeseed, rye, roses, lotus, cosmos, pink muhly, and pampas bloom during the year.

Best Time To Visit Anseong Farmland

The best time to visit the farmland in Anseong is during the spring or fall. Early spring or late fall can be cool, so wear the right clothes. Winter is not the best time to go. Even though it’s cold and the flowers aren’t blooming, you can still see the animals. By bus, it usually takes around two to three hours

What Can You Do in Anseong Farmland?

At Anseong Farmland, you experience farm where kids and adults can learn about animals like cows, bulls, donkeys, sheep, and geese. During your visit, you can participate in several feeding programs.

Giving food to the animals

Nothing is more fun than giving food to animals. You can feed donkeys, sheep, goats, cows, bunnies, birds, and other animals on the farmland. A portion of food can be bought at one of the stands for 1000 w. Except for feeding the birds, most boots take cash and credit cards. You’ll have to use coins there.

The animals are very friendly to people, and it’s an excellent experience for kids who have only ever lived in cities. ringIt can get pretty busy on the weekend, so if you can, try to go during the week.

Animal Shows

You can see shows or learn about different things on the farmland. The dog show is the best and most famous show. Two well-trained dogs are used to catch

Frisbees and do amazing tricks. Sheep shearing, sheep herding, livestock performance, pig performance, and so on are some of the other shows.

Check the official website ahead of time to see what’s going on that day. (Note: Only in Korean)

Horse Riding

At the equestrian centre, kids can ride horses. When it comes to horseback riding, you have a few choices. The most popular one costs 8000 krw and is a short horseback riding experience. You can ride around the equestrian centre with a guide while sitting on a horse.

You could also take a 45-minute or longer lesson to learn how to ride a horse and the basics of how to do it right. This is only in Korean and you have to book it ahead of time.

Dog Paradise

Why not bring your dog and let it run around Dog Paradise? This is a special place for dogs of all sizes to play. The basic fee is 4000w, but you can pay more if you want your dog to play in the pool and be dried off by a professional.

Renting a bike with four wheels

Since the Anseong Farmland is extensive, you might want to rent a four-wheeled bicycle for the whole family if you come with small children or the elderly. A small bike for two to three people costs 12,000w, while a large one that can fit up to six people costs 20,000w.

Having Fun With Archery

The farm has a small area for practising archery. For 5,000w, you can buy a couple of arrows and a bow, and from about 7 meters away, you can shoot at a target.

Other Things You Can Do

There are other things to do in the farmland besides what has already been saying. There are a lot of rides, trampolines, and other fun stuff for kids to do at the theme park.

Farmland has been featured in K-dramas.

It’s not surprising that the farmland has been in several Korean dramas. There are even places to take pictures with characters and scenes from the dramas in the park. If you like Korean dramas, you’ll enjoy going to the farmland.

The farmland was used in many dramas, including Your Honor (2018), While You Were Sleeping (2017), Ex-Boyfriend Club (2015), My Spring Days (2014), and Cruel Palace – War of Flowers (2013), to name a few.

How To Get To Anseong Farmland

Address: 28 Daeshindu-gil, Gongdo-eup, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

Public Transport: It is not that easy to get from Seoul to the Farmland. First, you need to get from Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal to Gongdo Bus Terminal on the express bus. The hard part is over.

Shuttle Bus: here are three ways to get from Gongdo Bus Terminal. One choice is to take the shuttle bus (see below). Take bus 50/70/50-9 to the Mungi bus stop. Then, take bus 1–4 to get to the farms (this bus only runs 4 times a day). Take a taxi from the Gongdo bus station, which is the third option (around 9000 w).Shuttle Bus
Free shuttle bus between the farmland and the Gongdo bus station. The bus leaves at 12, 1, 2, 3, and 4 PM. At 12:40, 1:40, 2:40, 3:40, 4:30, 5:00, 5:30, and 6:10 PM, the bus returns to the Gongdo bus terminal.

Admission Fees

February to November: 10 AM. to 8 PM.; December to January: 10 AM. to 7 PM

Entrance Fee: Adults 12 000 w / Children 10 000 w

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