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Are You Making Plans For A Vacation This Holiday Season? Filipinos Are Now Using Hosting To Pay For Their Trips




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The winter months have finally arrived, and for many people, the holidays couldn’t have come soon enough! Filipinos are turning to hosts to pay for their next holiday trip now that Christmas is coming up.

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A recent survey of Airbnb’s Host community found that more than 25% of Filipino Hosts use the money they make from hosting to go on vacation. Almost a quarter of people who travel for work or leisure share their space with other people1.

With the sign-up process for hosting more accessible than ever and more travellers wanting to travel and stay longer, there’s never been a better time to share your space and make money for your next trip.

Airbnb hosts get to enjoy the benefits of hosting

Emily Avelino has been an Airbnb Host for more than five years and is one of the country’s most highly rated Superhosts. She says that since listing her family’s Cabin in the Clouds and Blackbird Hill Home in Tanay, Rizal, they have been able to save money for trips to visit family in other countries.

“Recently, we saw our close relatives in the United States, which we hadn’t been able to do for a few years. Emily said, “Road trips, birthdays, and long-awaited family reunions are some of the most memorable things we’ve done with our family since we started renting out our homes on Airbnb.” Aside from making more money, the best thing about hosting for her has been being able to spend time with her family and make memories with them.

Dwyane Yra Dinglasan is another popular Airbnb Host. She is in charge of her family’s vacation home, Nasugbu Tali, and is one of Airbnb’s top hosts under 30 in APAC. She has also gotten a lot out of Hosting, like learning about the best places to visit in the Philippines.


“Now that I have more money from my Airbnb listing, I can travel and see new places in the Philippines. Without the extra money, I wouldn’t have been able to go to those places. “It’s a great chance to try new things,” said Dwayne. “When taking a vacation in the Philippines, it’s always great to stay in gorgeous homes and experience different ways of life. These events and the chance to make new friends and meet new people will be remembered for a long time.”

Like Dwayne, more Filipinos are finding new, off-the-beaten-path places to visit that are just as beautiful. Based on data from Airbnb, since March 2020, more than 60 cities and towns in the Philippines have had their first-ever Airbnb bookings.

Using Airbnb’s What’s My Place Worth Tool2, here are some luxurious getaways you can book for your loved ones this holiday season by hosting with Airbnb.

Spend a month in Makati and a weekend in Guagua, Pampanga, in a luxurious villa

If you rent out a whole unit or property in Metro Manila, you could make up to Php40,0002 per month, which would pay for a three-day stay for six people at the beautiful Planta Betis Family Villas in Guagua. This quiet, spacious place to stay has everything you need for a weekend staycation, including a private pool, an al fresco dining area, and special access to two on-site restaurants.

Spend a week as a host in Batangas and two nights in a treehouse in Central Visayas

If you rent out your house in Batangas or the Calabarzon area, you could make an average of Php2,200 per night2. A week of hosting could pay for a weekend stay for five people in Balamban, Central Visayas, at the famous Treehouse de Valentine. This luxurious rustic treehouse is the perfect place to escape the city’s noise and chaos. It is in a quiet forest.

Rent a private room in Quezon City for a month and go glamping for five nights in Bulacan

Hosting a private room in Quezon City on Airbnb could bring about Php18,800 a month2. This is enough money to pay for five nights of glamping at The Backyard Glamp in Doa Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan, for a group of five people. This unusual place to stay is perfect for glamping because it has a pool, grill, and a place to make a fire.

Host for two weeks in Cebu and spend the night on a beach in Davao

You could earn an average of Php1,770 per night by hosting in Cebu City, and after two weeks of hosting, you could book one night for nine people in a Private Beach House Above The Sea in Davao. This beautiful spot has a stunning view of both Mount Apo and the sea, and you can swim right off the beach.

Want to know more about how to host on Airbnb? At, you can get free one-on-one help from an Airbnb Superhost. At, you can find more helpful tips and information.


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