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Art Fair Philippines: View The Marriage Of Art And Technology




6 Art Fair 1

The Art Fair PH 2022 is now open to the public! Art Fair Philippines, founded in 2013, is the leading forum for displaying the best in modern and contemporary Philippine visual art while linking to the international art world.

AFP collaborated with LG Philippines to show Jeremy Couillard’s works on #LGOLED TVs for this year’s festival. LG TVs were used to bring the acclaimed new media artist’s magnificent work to life at the Ayala Triangle Gardens Amphitheater’s #ArtFilm Section.

Walking through the fair will take you to fantasy worlds and new dimensions inspired by the computer game Fuzz Dungeon. At the event, there will also be a premiere of Couillard’s latest film, There Is No Up or Down, Only Attraction. This film looks at strange species in galactic landscapes, pixelated gaming maps, and cityscapes.

6 Art Fair 1
Photo courtesy: Art Air Philippines

LG’s OLED televisions are ideal for displaying new media art. Its award-winning self-lit pixel technology takes image quality to new heights, bringing every last detail to life. The same material can appear differently depending on the TV display technology. On LED TVs, contemporary media art may seem different than the creator intended. Self-lit pixels switch on and off in LG OLED TVs, providing perfect darkness and endless contrast. Backlights on LED and Mini LED TVs are not self-emissive.

This implies they won’t be able to achieve pure darkness and may experience the halo effect. This isn’t an issue with self-lit pixels; there’s no light bleed or halo, so you get perfect black and improved image quality. You’ll be able to see photos and videos just as the artist intended.

3 L to R Greg De Jesus Trickie Lopa Sunho Choi Lisa Ongpin Periquet Angelica Dumlao and Mildred Bugay
Photo courtesy: Art Air Philippines

Another advantage of utilizing LG OLED TVs to display art is their seamless design, which is ideal for a gallery setting. No backlights are used because of the self-lit pixel technology, enabling more inventive ultra-slim designs, which have nearly no bezels, and can even bend and roll – it’s an engineering feat that must be seen to be believed.

The LG OLED Gallery Design TVs have such a low profile that they appear glued to your wall. It hangs flat against the wall like a work of art, enriching your home’s décor like no other television can. It’s a work of art in and of itself.

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Photo courtesy: Art Air Philippines

Sunho Choi, LG Philippines’ VP of Home Entertainment, is enthusiastic about the artistic partnership. “Seeing our LG OLED TVs exhibiting cutting-edge artwork is quite an experience because they have a gallery design that makes them look like a work of art on walls.” One of the organizers of Art Fair Philippines, Trickie Lopa, shares the same concerns. “We’re delighted that LG is a part of this year’s AFP, and we hope that this is the start of a long and fruitful relationship in the years ahead.”

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