Asia Artist Awards 2023 to be held in the Philippines this December

The ASIA ARTIST AWARDS, a prestigious South Korean awards organization, is a benchmark of distinction in the Asian entertainment industry. Since its inception in 2016 — a development spearheaded by the South Korean business newspaper Money Today, along with global media titans MTN and StarNews — the AAA has consistently honored the finest film, music, television, and digital content the region offers.


Over the years, the AAA has honored the abilities of K-pop legends BTS and EXO trot vocalist Lim Young-woong and actors Lee Jung-jae and Lee Seung-gi. Park Bo-gum and Im Yoon-ah were among the inaugural recipients of the prestigious Asia Star Award. Since then, the AAA has welcomed new members, including aespa and IVE. The AAA provides a comprehensive perspective of Asia’s dynamic entertainment industry through its long tradition of honoring renowned figures and highlighting rising stars.

On December 2, 2021, the sixth edition of the awards ceremony took place at the KBS Arena in Seoul, with Leeteuk and Jang Won-young serving as hosts. When they returned for the seventh time on December 13, 2022, at the Nippon Gaishi Hall in Nagasaki, Japan, their irrefutable chemistry was once again on display. As of the time of writing, it is still being determined whether they will return for a third time.

AAA 2023
Photo credits: Pulp Live World

The AAA serves a greater purpose than the bright lights and red-carpet events. It is a forum for promoting collaboration and cultural dialogue between artists from various Asian nations. The AAA plays a vital role in influencing the future of entertainment in the region by facilitating these interactions. Additionally, it promotes cross-cultural comprehension and advocates for the global proliferation of Asian popular culture.

Mr. Vernon Go, President and CEO of PULP Live World, and Ms. Happee Sy-Go, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of PULP Live World, conferred with the AAA’s senior brass at Shangri-La The Fort in Taguig City, Metro Manila. This historic agreement was finalized on August 14, 2023, in the presence of Mr. Bahg Junechul, CEO of StarNews, Mr. Kuk Byoungjin, CEO of TONZ Entertainment, and Ms. Kim Serin, General Manager of TONZ Entertainment. The signature of the contract set the stage for the ASIA ARTIST AWARDS of 2023.

Photo credits: Pulp Live World

With its diverse cultural traditions and rapidly expanding entertainment industry, the Philippines is the ideal location for this year’s AAA. Lately, Filipino artists have consistently captivated audiences worldwide, making the country a global talent hub.

The ASIA ARTIST AWARDS 2023 is more than just an awards ceremony. It represents the capacity of art to bridge social divides, transcend national boundaries, and unite people under the banner of creativity. As December 14 approaches, there is perceptible anticipation. The Philippines are preparing to stretch out the red carpet for South Korea’s brightest performers, ensuring a night of celebration and camaraderie to remember.

The 2023 ASIA ARTIST AWARDS will be the first time the Philippines will host an event of this nature. It was made feasible by StarNews, TONZ Entertainment, and PULP Live World, the Philippines’ only pioneer in live Hallyu events.

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