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Experience Atok and Baguio Tour With Colz Travel

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must visit place in baguio and benguet

To many, Baguio is known as the “Summer Capital of the Philippines,” Its temperate climate makes it a great place to escape the chaos of Manila. The city is also known for its tropical pine trees, earning it the moniker “City of Pines.” We were lucky enough to take a tour with COLZ Travel and take a two day trip to Baguio. We had memorable photo sessions during our trip. Check out the tourist spots that every traveller must visit this 2022


Northern Blossoms Flower Farm is owned by Mrs. Melany Ganayan and her husband where they also have a flower shop in Dimasalang, Manila


Haight’s Place in Atok, Benguet, has been growing sakura trees since 2018, when they first bloomed.
The trees were gifted to the province of Benguet by the Kochi Prefecture and the Japanese embassy in 2016, the year the two provinces celebrated their 40th year of friendship.In November 2015, more than a hundred sakura trees were planted in the area, but only a few survived due to the fact that they were planted at the wrong time of year.


Atok is a municipality in the province of Benguet with a fourth-class income. Despite its steep environment, the community relies on crop cultivation through garden farming. The town is also known for possessing the Philippine Highway System’s Highest Point, which is part of the Halsema Highway.


Benguet is a high-altitude province in the Cordillera Administrative Region’s southern region. The cold environment and highlands of the province are ideal for gathering farm products and fruits such as strawberries.

Benguet’s capital is La Trinidad. Due to its extensive strawberry farm, it is also known as the Philippines’ Strawberry Capital. Because the municipality is close to Baguio City, the Philippines’ summer capital, viewing these hectares of vibrant fields is simple.


The mother of all parks’ in Baguio City, the Philippines’ summer capital, is a 32.84-hectare park designed by and named after American architect and urban planner Daniel Hudson Burnham, who also planned Baguio City’s initial layout and Dewey Boulevard (now Roxas Boulevard) in Manila.



At first look, this location appears to be in Kyoto or elsewhere in Japan. This is Mirador Heritage and Eco Park, which is conveniently located near Baguio City!This distinctive structure is a torii, a traditional Japanese gate situated at the entrance of Shinto shrines that represents the journey from the mundane to the sacred. This torii is only one of Mirador Heritage and Eco Park’s many attractions!


The Diplomat Hotel, also known as the Dominican Hill Retreat House, is an abandoned edifice on Dominican Hill in Baguio, Philippines. It is currently undergoing renovation as a result of the city government’s efforts. The Dominican Heritage Hill and Nature Park has been renamed to encompass the entire area. From its vantage point, the stone crucifix on the hotel’s second-floor outside patio, a panoramic vista of the city unfolds.


Baguio’s Bamboo Eco Park is gradually gaining popularity as a tourist attraction in the City of Pines. St. Francis Xavier Seminary is home to the park. The Bamboo Eco Park in Baguio displays a variety of bamboo species that have been planted to line the eco-pathways. park’s In this movie, you’ll see how we traveled to the Bamboo eco-park from our starting point on the La Trinidad-Baguio City border.


The Igorot Stone Kingdom in Baguio City is the city’s newest tourist attraction. A man-made park constructed of stone, tucked away from the core business center, was based on a fantasy kingdom and the rich cultural history of the Igorots and the numerous provinces here in the Cordilleras.


Wright Park, named for Governor Luke Edward Wright, a previous Governor-General of the Philippines, is one of the many recreational amenities built at that time.

the mansion baguio

The park as a whole is quite lovely and Instagram-worthy. Take a photo near the Pool of Pines, a rectangular body of water in the park’s middle. In contrast to the busy Session Road, there are a lot of trees here.


The President of the Philippines’ official summer house is the Mansion. It’s on C.P. Romulo Drive (originally a part of Leonard Wood Road) in the city’s eastern reaches, directly across from Wright Park. The Mansion, which is older than the city, is easily one of Baguio’s most visited and photographed attractions.


Camp John Hay, a former military base, attracts golfers to the Camp John Hay Golf Club’s Jack Nicklaus-designed course as well as the Baguio Country Club’s greens and fairways. The Eco Trail is lined with pine trees that provide shade for joggers and walkers, while Tree Top Adventure offers ziplining courses for adrenaline seekers. The Bell House Museum, a well-preserved American Colonial home, is located in the Historical Core.


lion head baguio

The Lion’s Head was conceptualized by the Lions of Baguio in the late 1960s and publicly unveiled to the public in 1972, under the leadership of PDG Luis Lardizabal, then-District Governor Robert John Webber, and then-President Pedro Z. Claravall. Reynaldo Lopez Nanyac, a Cordilleran artisan, created the 40-foot monument out of natural limestone.


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