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AURAVEL GRANDE HOTEL AND RESORT: Affordable Family Resort In Laguna




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The Auravel Grande Hotel and Resort provides its guests with a charming escape from the bustle of the city by providing the warmest accommodations, the finest cuisine, and an exceptional venue for special events, all of which are prepared with a contemporary flair and exemplary service. Now, as it has always been, Auravel Grande Hotel and Resort continues to share a passion for customer service that truly embodies its slogan, “Elegance and grandeur, that’s Auravel Grande.”

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On September 8, 2011, construction on the Auravel Grande Hotel and Resort began. The origin of the name AURAVEL is the family’s Inay Aurea and Tatay Avelino. The hotel is located in the City of Seven Lakes, approximately 10 minutes from the city center.

The ambiance of Auravel is designed to stimulate and heighten the individual senses. The hotel provides an exclusive level of service to pamper the guests’ bodies and refresh their minds. It has an interior design that appeals to all ages and reflects the touching service within. The location of the Auravel Grande Hotel and Resort is Maharlika Highway, Brgy. San Francisco, Calihan, San Pablo City, Laguna.

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This 15-square-meter room can accommodate one or two guests. Its simplicity provides seclusion and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle.

Suitable for 1-2 people

-15 square meter 1 double bed -Complete air conditioning -Wireless internet access
-Cable Television -Located on the second and third floors -Mini Bar -Includes breakfast for two people
-Swimming privilege for two individuals
-Bathroom with -Shower Installation (Hot & Cold)


In search of an unforgettable experience of peaceful sleep. Suite Rooms are 22 square meters in size and include a queen-sized bed. Making it the ideal option for newlyweds or vacationing couples seeking a matrimonial bed.


Good for two people

-22 square meters – 1 queen bed – Fully air-conditioned – Wireless internet access
-Cable TV -Located on the third floor
-Mini Bar and Refrigerator -Complimentary Breakfast for Two
-Swimming privilege for two individuals
-Toilet with Shower Capability (Hot & Cold) Additional mattresses are permitted. -Setup is available upon request for a nominal fee.


Enjoy complete relaxation in our 22-square-meter room, which is ideal for smaller groups or business travelers and features two double beds. Designed primarily for bed sharing.

Suitable for 2-4 people

-22 square meter
-2 double size beds
-Fully Air conditioned
-Wireless internet connection
-Cable Television
-Located at 3rd floor Bathroom with Shower Facility (Hot & Cold) -Inclusive of breakfast for 4 persons
-Swimming privilege for 4 persons
-Mini Bar



Our 36-square-meter, 2-queen-size-bed, and sofa-bed-equipped largest room is ideal for a tranquil getaway. With the option of adding at least two additional mattresses. Designed for families and larger groups.

Good for four people

-36 square meters -two queen beds -full air conditioning -wireless internet access
-Cable TV -Located on the second floor Mini Bar
-Includes breakfast for four guests
-Swimming privilege for four individuals
-Toilet with Shower
-Capacity (Hot & Cold)
-Extra mattresses permitted.
-Installation upon request and for a nominal fee


Address: Maharlika Highway, Brgy. San Francisco, Calihan, San Pablo City, Laguna
Landline: (049) 503-0579
Smart/TNT/Sun: 0998-589-4036
Globe/Touch Mobile: 0917-892-1550
Email Address:


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