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Authentic Japanese Food At Sigekiya Ramen




Sigekiya Ramen store buzzsetter

There are lots of restaurants in the Philippines that seem to have authentic Japanese ramen, and only a few have delivered on this promise. One of the few restaurants to make it big on the ramen scene is Sigekiya Ramen, and they did not disappoint.

Sigekiya Ramen PH buzzsetter 1
Sigekiya Ramen in Estancia Mall, Oranbo, Pasig City

Sigekiya Ramen was established in June 2010 in Yokohama, Japan, by Ramen Master Sugizaki. It became trendy among Filipinos working and living in Yokohama because of its very delicious taste and friendly Sugizaki-san.

Sigekiya Ramen is one of the few Japanese restaurants that gave off the authentic Japanese vibe not only through their dishes but with interior decor and design.

Sigekiya Ramen PH 3 buzzsetter
Plenty of tables and chairs
Sigekiya Ramen PH 2 buzzsetter
Traditional Japanese bar stool seating.
Sigekiya Ramen PH 4 buzzsetter
Japanese lanterns

Let’s get back to the ramen, shall we? We will recommend the must-try that will get your taste buds craving for more.

Tsukemen with Japanese Curry

Sigekiya Ramen PH 10 buzzsetter

If you’re into something hot and spicy, this is the Japanese dish for you. It’s not so spicy, but it delivers a kick! Rate: 9/10

Sigekiya Ramen

Sigekiya Ramen PH 5 buzzsetter

Sigekiya Ramen is a definite must-try since it’s their signature dish. The char siu blends with the vegetable, and the noodles are thicker. Rate: 10/10

Miso Ramen With Butter And Corn

Sigekiya Ramen PH 6 buzzsetter

Miso Ramen is quite a soft and delicate dish that even kids will surely enjoy. The butter and corn blend effortlessly with the ramen water.

Chicken Karaage

Sigekiya Ramen PH 13 buzzsetter

The chicken karaage is so addictive! We had to order more. Small but crispy! Rate: 9/10


Sigekiya Ramen PH 11 buzzsetter

Gyoza is soft, but you can still pick it up with your chopsticks without it breaking. It’s merely a delicious dumpling! Rate: 10/10

 Ebi Tempura

Sigekiya Ramen PH 9 buzzsetter

Ebi Tempura is another dish that can compete with the chicken karaage. This tempura is just is lighter and fluffier! Rate 9/10

If you’re looking for looking for authentic Japanese ramen and cuisine, this is the spot for you.

Along with traditional Japanese vibe and decor, here is a tip for your ramen dish: You may order additional spice if you’re up for some challenge.

Open every day from  10am – 10pm daily at Lower Ground East Wing, Estancia Mall, Oranbo, Pasig City


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