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Magical Baking Experience At BakeBe PH In SM Aura

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Ever had a hidden passion for baking cakes or always wanted to be a pastry chef? Now is your chance to learn how to bake like a pro in one day! BakeBe at SM Aura provides the ultimate magical baking experience for every aspiring baker.

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BakeBe At SM Aura

Customers and foodie lovers can try their hand at baking for the first time at Hong Kong’s first & only co-baking studio BAKEBE. Aspiring bakers can choose either to bake cookies or cakes of their liking. They will also be able to select the level from easy – difficult.

The bakers will then be given an iPad with the Bakebe app, which shows how to make their cake/cookies with enjoyable videos and instructions. With the Bakebe app, it will guide the bakers on how to bake, from the ingredients to the tools that they need. You will also be given a cute Bakebe baking apron.

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Complimentary Babebe Aprons!

All the ingredients and tools kept at a corner, which is so Instagram-Worthy that you’ll enjoy taking videos/photos on your baking process. On each table, a special tripod is placed on the table so you can record or take pictures of your baking experience.

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Special tripods to use so you can record your baking experience.
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The ingredients and tools section

Everyone will make cookies/cakes from their own hands from start to finish without a sweat. If you ever encounter any difficulties, a well-trained pastry chef will be right beside you and guide you in the process.

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The baking mixers

Once done, you will be surprised at how beautiful your cookie/cake is! There are also many Instagrammable spots at Bakebe. From the mirror to microwave, you’ll have countless of photos/done before you know it!

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The Bakbe Microovens
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Use the BakeBe app on the Ipad as a guide. You’ll finish your cake in an hour or so depending on your difficulty level.

To bake cookies, it will cost P999 and up depending on the cookie you want to cook. For a cake, it will be P1999 above, depending on the cake you baked. Once done, they will wrap your cake on a special box. There’s no better gift than making cake straight from the heart and giving it as a present!

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Instagram-Worthy Baking space!

Bake your cake and unleash the hidden baker in you. We recommend bringing your besties and or even the person you love and adore!

Jacque is a travel, food and lifestyle blogger. At the age of 20, she started exploring instagrammable places, discovering fascinating cultures, trying various cuisines, and taking amazing photos from local and international travel destinations. Alongside her adventures, she passionately creates Hallyu content.