Baked Shawarma That Everyone Must-Try!

Baked Sushi by J&J Kitchenette was such a hit that a new fad is born: BAKED SHAWARMA! We had a good experience with the baked sushi that we decided to try their first-ever Baked Shawarma; J&J Kitchenette a collaboration with JDJ Kushikatsu!

NEW Baked Shawarma!

According to Pastry Chef Jetro Martin of JDJ Kushikatsu; the inspiration of the baked shawarma was to bring the regular shawarma to the next level where people will still be familiar with the taste but have a different experience. This got my own curiosity since I grew in Dubai where shawarma was like an everyday snack. Imagine Pinoy bbq as your snack every day; shawarma was the Middle-Eastern go-to snack.

What makes this baked shawarma different from the regular shawarma?

This shawarma consists of beef marinated in spices, onion, tomato, cabbage, and White Rice. The baked shawarma comes into two flavours: Garlic and Spicy Garlic. This comes along with two sauces: regular garlic sauce and spicy chilli garlic sauce.

Baked Garlic Shawarma
Baked Spicy Garlic Shawarma

The baked shawarma comes in two sizes:

  • Regular Baked Shawarma good for 2-3 pax: PHP 150
  • Family Pan food for 6-7 pax: PHP 500
Look at that it! It so mouthwatering!
You need to dip it into the sauce!
  • Garlic: You can actually taste the beat which was a great combo to the spices. Rate: 9/10
  • Spicy Garlic: If you’re into spicy food, you’ll love this especially when you dip it into the sauce! Rate: 9/10

Hurry the Baked Shawarma is only available till SATURDAY, AUGUST 1, 2020!

Delivery: Cut off of orders is every Tuesday 12PM and Friday 12PM. Every Wednesday and Saturday outside of Tagaytay. Pick up is done by the customer via Lalamove/Angkas Padala

How To Order?

To know more about the baked sushi of J&J Kitchenette, click here

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