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Beat the Heat: Home Credit’s Best Refrigerators for Refreshing Treats




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These amazing coolers, which are currently available with 0% interest installment rates, will keep your sweets delightfully chilled.

We are all desiring cool, refreshing foods and beverages to beat the harsh heat and quench our thirst now that summer is fully here. It becomes crucial to have the ideal refrigerator to keep your refreshments cold and ready to enjoy anytime you want, whether you’re craving sweet pleasures like ice cream, soda, or juice, or you just like some ice-cold water.

The top consumer credit firm in the nation, Home Credit, provides a great selection of excellent coolers that are perfect for keeping your summertime delicacies if you’re looking for the greatest refrigerator options this season.

Thanks to household Credit’s 0% interest deals, you may acquire these household appliances at the best prices this season. You may now upgrade your refrigerator and take advantage of zero-interest installment plans with terms ranging from six to eighteen months, valid from March 15 to May 31, 2024.

Here are some refrigerators with different sizes, shapes, and capabilities that can meet your needs if you’re searching for the ideal cooling appliance for your goodies and even groceries this summer.


With Panasonic, you may enjoy superb performance and a roomy design for your sweets.

The Panasonic Two Door No Frost Inverter with Econavi Technology Refrigerator, model NR-BP272VD, is one alternative to take into consideration. With a 9.5 cubic foot capacity, this refrigerator offers plenty of cooling room in addition to features like tempered glass shelves that can be adjusted, a crisper drawer, and other storage options to help you keep your food and snacks organized.

With its inverter technology and Econavi function, this appliance uses less energy and provides good cooling performance. It also has a Prime+ Cooling functionality, which makes it perfect for refreshing drinks this summer.

Condura offers reliable cooling for your summertime beverages

Condura Two Door Refrigerator, model CNF-217I, 8.0 cubic feet capacity, adds to your variety of options. Its inverter compressor delivers reliable chilling for your summertime refreshments, including cold drinks and frozen sweets. In addition, the Multi-Airflow Surround Cooling System effectively distributes cool air throughout the refrigerator, quickly chilling the contents and preserving temperature.

This Condura appliance boasts a sleek appearance, ample storage, and tempered glass shelves and compartments to meet your needs. It also includes an LED light inside.

Utilize LG’s elegance and utility to create delightful, refreshing treats

Consider the LG Two Door Smart Inverter No Frost Refrigerator, model GR-B202SQBB, if you’re looking for a refrigerator that will look great in your contemporary kitchen. With its 7.2 cubic feet capacity and dark graphite color, this LG appliance is perfect for tiny rooms. Its Smart Inverter Compressor ensures that even with its small size, it provides dependable and energy-efficient cooling performance, keeping your stored goods cold and fresh.


Many features, including tempered glass shelves that are adjustable, a crisper drawer, interior LED lighting, and more, improve its performance and are designed to meet your needs—especially in current summertime.

Benefit from Sharp’s compact design and strong cooling capacity. There is also the Sharp Two-Door Inverter Refrigerator, model SJ-FTS07BVS-DS, which has a capacity of 6.4 cubic feet, if you require a smaller refrigerator. With its powerful performance and built-in J-Tech Inverter Technology, you can rely on this cooling appliance to keep your treats cold without having to worry about energy use.

In addition, it minimizes the need for manual defrosting by avoiding ice formation and enabling silent operation. In order to improve your experience with this Sharp refrigerator, it also includes tempered glass shelves and other features.

Don’t miss on these top-notch refrigerators for refrigerating your summertime delicacies! Visit any partner store nationwide to take advantage of Home Credit’s 0% interest promotion. Make sure to get pre-approved by using the My Home Credit Loan App or chatting with a representative in a partner store to expedite the loan application process. You may enjoy your sweets and keep cool all summer long with these amazing refrigerators!

Go to, the official website of Home Credit Philippines, to learn more about the most recent developments. Make sure to follow its official Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. Additionally, customers are urged to check out what’s new on and discover more about the most recent promotions by downloading the My Home Credit App from Google Play.


Get your appliance fixed or replaced for free if it gets damaged! Even after the manufacturer’s warranty has ended, it renews the guarantee on your equipment for an additional year. For as little as P3 per day, you can add the Home Credit Protect Appliance Protection to your installments and enjoy peace of mind for up to two years.

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have granted Home Credit Philippines the necessary licenses and oversight.

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