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Ben&Ben And Pamungkas Collaborate For The “Stand By You” Music Video





Recently, both of them went into a studio to record a two-part song together.

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Ben&Ben, a Filipino nine-piece band, and Pamungkas, an Indonesian singer-songwriter, have just put out a performance video of “Stand By You” together. The catchy pop-rock original is the English version of Ben&Ben’s 2022 hit “Paninindigan Kita.” It was recorded on August 5, 2022, at SoundCheck Studio in Pasig City (Friday).

Last month, the two regional superstars met each other online and had a chance to talk about how to approach the song in a collaborative way before the live studio session. Ben&Ben say in a statement, “We sent over a rough translation of our song Paninindigan Kita.” “He [Pamungkas] had great ideas for the lyrics, and we worked with him to write the English lyrics for this song.”

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Ben&Ben and Pamungkas recently recorded a live version of “Stand By You” before their sold-out show at 123 Block in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. The version has a fuller, more complicated arrangement, and the verses have been switched around. The Filipino band at the top of the charts is very happy with how the session turned out and how it brought the best of both worlds into one project.
Ben&Ben say, “There was a natural chemistry between the two artists.” “This was clear from how the instruments were set up and how the different parts of the performance were put together.”

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Ben&Ben also said that Pamungkas did a great job of giving the song a new feel and adding his own style to the instruments. “This made the collaborative version very different in a way that shows how both styles blended into one performance, instead of it just being a cover of the song.”

“Stand By You” is the first part of a two-part project by two Asian artists who have won many awards. They will also soon put out a video of them performing “I Got to Get You.”
Pamungkas is leading his own Southeast Asian tour right now to promote Birdy, his fourth studio album. His hit song “To The Bone” was a huge regional success. It was at the top of the Spotify Indonesia Top 50 charts for a few weeks, and it reached its highest position on the Spotify Philippines Top 50 charts at No. 5 last year. The song did well commercially in Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia, among other Southeast Asian countries.

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With their first tour of North America, Ben&Ben will be ready to take over the world. They will play in nine cities in the US and Canada, all of which are well-known and important places. They are also getting ready for their farewell concert on September 3 at the CCP Open Grounds by putting out their new international single this month.

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Here’s where you can see “Stand By You” performed live:

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