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On “Forever Beautiful,” Ben&Ben Join Other Sony Music Asia Artists

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Ben&Ben is a member of a regional partnership showing solidarity and support for people who have been affected by the iCOVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak.

The folk-pop group joins Sony Music artists from across Asia in performing a stunning cover of Taiwanese singer Eric Chou’s original song “Forever Beautiful.”

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The collaborative remake titled “Forever Beautiful: All for One Version” features 15 artists from nine countries across Asia singing in both Chinese and English, including Chou himself, and conveys an important message through these touching lyrics: we may speak and sing in different languages and represent the many ethnicities and cultures of Asia, but we are all united with solidarity and support. Music can bring hope and tranquility, as well as a message of love and compassion, in these difficult times.

“It is vital to remind people that they are not alone in this time of fear and uncertainty, and that even the most horrible tragedies give way to fresh beginnings,” says Paolo Benjamin, vocalist and guitarist for Ben&Ben. “It was exciting to work on this project with some of Asia’s most creative and giving artists.”

Ben&Ben are set to make their US debut at the famous South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, and are one of the most successful Asian groups in the region, having charted 9 tracks on Spotify Philippines’ Top 50 chart at the same time. Within two days of its release, their current single “Sa Susunod na Habang Buhay” went straight to number one on the aforementioned platform, with over a million streams.

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The nine-piece band represents the Philippines among Sony Music Asia’s vibrant and diverse roster, which includes Eric Chou (the original singer/songwriter) and singer Kelly Cheng from Taiwan; Wafa, a member of Bahiyya Haneesa (an acapella group), and R&B-pop singer NYK from Malaysia; and music acts Benjamin Kheng, Narelle, and Sezairi from Siam.

Through Sony Music Taiwan, “Forever Beautiful: All for One Version” is now accessible worldwide on all streaming and digital platforms. The proceeds from this song will be donated to the (Han Hong Love Charity Foundationrelief )’s efforts for individuals affected by the iCOVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak.


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