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Best Tourist Spots in Masbate


Why should we visit to Masbate? For many good reasons and one reason is, Masbate is recognized as the “Rodeo Capital of the Philippines and in South East Asia,”. In addition to its status as a developing tourist attraction and ecotourism site in the Philippines; it is popular for hosting an annual Rodeo Festival. Masbate is well-known for its cowboy image, natural artificial islands, beaches to islands, farms, sandbars, waterfalls, and many more!

Because of its undulating hilltops and coastal areas, the province of Masbate is known for its vibrant agricultural, fishing, and tourism economies. Masbate is also located at the very heart of the Philippines. Burias Island, Masbate Island, and Ticao Island are the three islands that comprise the province of Masbate in the Philippines.

Hidden Tourist Spots of Masbate

Where shall we even begin? Island hopping is an activity that must be done in Masbate, but where do we start? Here is an excellent selection of islands that you should go to!

Guinlubngan Island

Guinlubngan Island | Aerial Photography by Kristian Marfori

This was the first island on our list as part of the Cawayan island hopping tour. A private island with white sand, palm trees and and crystal blue waters. If you’re lucky, you get to enjoy the white sandbar during long tide.

Namatyan Island

Namatyan Island | Photography by Kristian Marfori

Namatyan Island is another white sand island with its own resort. It’s a island to unwind and have lunch. They also have a sari store nearby if you need to buy anything extra for your neeeds.

Kurokabayo Sandbar

Kurokabayo Sandbar | Photography by Kristian Marfori

Kurokabayo Sandbar is the longest sandbar in Masbate. It is made out of white sand, and the one tree planted on the island provides tourists with the ideal amount of shade to protect them from the summer sun.

Balangingi Island

Balangingi Island | Aerial Photography by Kristian Marfori

Balangingi Island is a marine sanctuary that is regarded to be one of the virgin islands in the province of Masbate. The island is presently being explored as a potential ecotourism zone.

Visitors will be able to enjoy the beach’s glistening blue ocean and powdery white sand, which will provide you with a breathtaking experience.

Matayum Lagoon

Matayum Lagoon | Aerial Photography by Kristian Marfori

Matayum Lagoon is a man-made lagoon where Bagat Dagat is celebrated annually. Because of the lagoon, this location is ideal for those who enjoy various water sports, such as wakeboarding and jet skiing. The entire lagoon is overflowing with fish.

Matayum Lagoon | Aerial Photography by Kristian Marfori

They also offer visitors boat rides and a beautiful sunset in the background. 

Halea Nature Park

Halea Nature Park | Aerial Photography by Kristian Marfori

Halea seas changed from dark blue to very clear turquoise. In front of us were a couple of secluded beach coves with patches of white sand and a scattering of native cottages.

Photo by buzzsetter (Kristian Marfori)

It is also a popular spot for snorkeling and freedivers where they can swim with baby sharks


Lapus-Lapus | Aerial Photography by Kristian Marfori

This emerald lagoon, known as Lapus-Lapus, is so breathtakingly beautiful that you won’t believe it actually exists. The swimming option is available to guests, however most people just come to enjoy the scenery.

Lapus-Lapus | Aerial Photography by Kristian Marfori

The entire lagoon makes you feel as though you are on another well-known island, specifically El Nido or Palawan, both of which are located in the Philippines.

Borobongkaso Rock Formation

The island is known for its shells, powdery white beach and crystal clear waters. There is a tall rock structure that can be climbed even by novice rock climbers, but it is safer if you ask the crew of your boat to accompany you while you ascend and descend the rock formation.

The view from the peak encompasses less than the entire island in every direction.

The rock formation has a little pool at its base that is perfect for children to splash around in because of its shallow depth. The beach is made up of white, compact sand, and it is suitable for children to play on.

Catandayagan Falls

Catandayagan Falls is the most impressive waterfall in the Philippines, and it is the only one that flows straight into the ocean. This location is a favourite with couples and young professionals because of the stunning scenery and the opportunity to swim beneath the waterfall.

Because the water contains salt and fresh water, swimming beneath the waterfall is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will stay with you forever.

Pungtod Sandbar

Pungtod Sandar is just off the coast of Masbate city. Visitors can easily stroll around this unique sandbar with a beautiful sunset in the background. Drone pilots should be aware that this island is an airport fly zone.

Animasola Island

Animasola Island | Aerial Photography by Kristian Marfori

One of the best islands in the Burias archipelago to visit is Animasola Island. You will be completely awestruck by the cliffs, white beach, and turquoise waters of Animasola.

Animasola Island | Aerial Photography by Kristian Marfori

Visitors will be able to enjoy a fantastic view of the rock formations that are located on the island of the islands. During periods of low tide, tourists have a wonderful opportunity to photograph the rock formations.

Tinalisayan Island

Tinalisayan Island | Aerial Photography by Kristian Marfori

Tinalisayan Island is known for its vast open spaces, making it an ideal destination for campers. Coconut trees, talisay trees, and other types of plants in the area help block off the sun’s rays and provide shade, which makes the atmosphere more calming.

This island is ideal for day trips and get-togethers with the family, such as having a picnic by the water or going swimming.

Sombrero Island

Sombrero Island is another discovery that has been made public; the inaccessibility of the island makes it more appealing for most tourists looking for a low-key place to spend their vacations. It is known as “sombrero” because to the distinctive hat-like rock formation that can be found there.

Sombrero Island | Aerial Photography by Kristian Marfori

The term “Sombrero Island” refers to a grouping of two different islands: the smaller island is where the impressive rock formation is located, while the larger island is where a small resort is located.

The two islands are separated by a few meters, but legend has it that they were formerly joined by a sand bar.

Island Hopping Contact Details:

  • For Ticao Island (Snake island, Bongsanglay, Halea Nature Park, Baby Sharks, Boronbongkaso, and Katandayagan Falls). You may send an email: Ticao Island Resort [email protected]
  • For Burias Island (Animasola Island, Tinalisayan Island, and Sombrero Island) . You may contact them thru facebook: M/V TripleRick Double Hull Tourist boat
  • For tours around Bicol which includes Masbate, you may visit Bicol Beyond website or [email protected]
  • For North Ticao Island Hopping, Pungtod and South Ticao island Hopping, Burias Islands: PHP 1850 Per Person With Lunch / Group of 10

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  1. One of the places na gusto kong puntahan dito sa Pilipinas ang Masbate. Ang daming magagandang islands and sandbars. Kahit iyong ilan dito ay malayo for sure lahat ay worth it puntahan dahil sa ganda.


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