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BLACKPINK Rose and Actress Suzy Are Dating?

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Yesterday, July 12, 2020. An instagram post of Blackpink Rose and Actress Bae Suzy resurface. A lot of netizens think that they’re dating.

Rose is one of the member of Black Pink. Her real name is Roseanne Park while her stage name is Rosé. She was born in New Zealand singer currently based in South Korea.

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Bae Su-ji, better known as Suzy, is a South Korean actress and also a member of the girl group Miss A under JYP Entertainment. She’s one of the most popular actress in Korea. Her ex-boyfriends are Lee Min Ho, Lee Dong Wook and Park Chaeyoun.

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According to the netizens:

This is Rosé first dating rumor and it’s with a WOMAN!


and not just any woman but the BAE SUZY


They both go on the same salon

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Rosé’s sister, Alice is following Suzy Bae in instagram.


Throwback to suzy and rose congratulated hyeri‘s birthday


Suzy & rosé had the same schedule last year.

Blackpink Rosé represented ysl in paris fashion week
suzy represented dior

Suzy mentioning Rosé in her reality show

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Here’s a short clip

Our opinion:

Whether its real or not, we will always support both of them. We must respect their decision and each other feelings. Right!?

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