BLUEWATER MARIBAGO BEACH RESORT: Take A Dip At This Instagrammable Resort In Cebu, Mactan


Mactan, Cebu is one of the best places to visit, If you are looking for beautiful white sand, seawater which is bright as the color blue, BLUEWATER MARIBAGO BEACH RESORT would be your best bet. This resort was visited by many people worldwide, and you’re about to find out why.

BLUEWATER MARIBAGO BEACH RESORT is well known for its safety standard, especially during the COVID19 pandemic. It’s recognized by the Department of Tourism and Department of health and safety protocol by implementing BlueCARES and using Staysafe.PH for contact tracing. Guests are assured that they will enjoy a safe stay at Bluewater.

BLUEWATER MARIBAGO BEACH RESORT was first to open in 1989 by the owners who wanted to have a place to relax and unwind. It was then that their friends asked if they could visit the beach as well. The owners then decided to open a resort on their beach and allow visitors to enjoy the beach. Since then, the resort has been trendy to the locals and international visitors, and ex-pats.

Lapu-Lapu is a Filipino hero who defended the Philippines against the first foreigner invader “Ferdinand Magellan”. BLUEWATER RESORT is also famous for its logo, which depicts (7) dolphins. This came from the famous legend that Lapu-Lapu helped save 7 dolphins who swarmed up the beach. They eventually became his pets in which these dolphins would often swim onto the shore to play with Lapu-Lapu.

The resort has three huge swimming pools, and each of these pools is child-friendly. It’s the perfect getaway for primarily friends and families. The swimming pool opens up around 9AM and closes at 8PM. Two of these pools are surrounded by huge comfortable buildings with a contemporary Filipino Nepa hut style on the roofings. The other swimming pool is located next to the restaurant “Delfino” and Älegra” Delfino is an Italian restaurant which serves Italian food including pasta and pizza. Alegra serves mostly Asian and famous Filipino cuisines. Unlike most hotels and resorts, these restaurants at the BLUEWATER MARIBAGO BEACH RESORT are 24/7 open. Food is sent to the guest room or even onto the beach.

The resort is also home to the most enormous tree in Mactan. Unlike most trees, this particular tree is colorful from the bottom to the top. Here is a fun fact. Local fishermen have used this tree as their guide to find Mactan island when they’re at sea.

The resort has over 100 rooms, but the most popular rooms would be the cottages on the beach. Each room has a modern beach vibe with comfy lights all over the room, including under the bed. They also have a picnic table and two seats. The bathroom is just as impressive with its Instagrammable bathtub and shower. Each bathroom also has enormous mirrors with a cabinet complete with a bath gel, beach slippers, and a toothbrush with toothpaste.

The beach is covered with white sand but visitors will first be greeted with (2) two hammocks hanging by the tree along with a giant chessboard. The beach has its own small nipa hut with lounger chairs where guests can simply relax and enjoy the beach view. Guests can swim on The beach is covered with white sand, but visitors will first be greeted with (2) two hammocks hanging by the tree along with a giant chessboard.

The beach has its small nipa hut with lounger chairs to relax and enjoy the beach view. Guests can swim on the beach, but they can also do other outdoor activities, including kayaking, water biking, or standup paddleboarding, which is available for rent. Each watersport is enjoyable, but it is recommended to put sun lotion or wear a rashguard if visitors plan to stay on the beach for a long time.

Visitors can also go to the small white island just in front of the resort. They can either go on a boat or walk to the island in the water when it’s low tide. The small island is just as gorgeous and it’s the perfect place for a little bit of privacy if you want to avoid a crowd since the beach is open to the public.

There are plenty of palm trees on this small mini white island where you can take the perfect IG-Worthy photo just as on the beach. In front of the white island, visitors can see other visitors jet-skiing nearby along with local fisherman selling their fish or crabs that they caught in the sea nearby. Just in front of the island, visitors can see the island of Bohol, which is just an hour boat ride away from Mactan.

If visitors are looking for a simple way to relax, they can take a massage in the spa either close to the beach or on the resort premises. The resort is most popular among foreign tourists like the Japanese and Koreans who have grown to love the Philippines. The resort is also trendy among the locals, including Manila residents who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Manila.

Many famous Filipino celebrities have also stayed at the resort, including James Reid, Catriona Grey, Matteo Guideicelli, and Kris Aquino. Most of them have checked in at the Nepa houses next to the beach. So if you are looking for the ultimate beach experience with the family, BLUEWATER MARIBAGO BEACH RESORT should be your next island resort on your holiday bucket list. You won’t regret it! You may book here.



Address: Lapu City Cebu, Philippines 6015
Tel: +6332 402 4100
Mobile: +63998 843 7688
Fax: +6332 492 0128
Email: [email protected]
WiFi: Available for guests
Pet-friendly: No
Parking Available: Yes

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  1. Wow this is really awesome! I love how beautiful this place is, from outdoor to indoor. The interior design is great and the place is such a paradise. I like that they have huge pools and there’s a lot of activities available. This will truly be an enjoyable and memorable stay.

  2. Wow a great place for vacation.
    A truly amazing and looks like a paradise 😍😍
    One of the best place to visit.
    Perfectly fine white sand with the great blue sea. This place is truly highly recommended.


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