16 Best Places To Visit In Seoul: BTS Themed Tour For ARMYs

itinerary of bts seoul tour

Do you want to feel even closer to your favorite Korean boyband by going on a BTS Seoul tour? Fulfill your fangirl dreams and explore the places where BTS have been with this itinerary!

We all know that Seoul is more than just music; you’ll also get to explore and immerse yourself in Korean culture. Here’s our detailed ultimate Seoul itinerary for ARMYs

HYBE Insight

bts seoul tour hybe insight
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ARMYs, get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! There is now an official museum dedicated just to musicians and exclusive content from the artists’ HYBE labels in Yongsan, Korea. The museum tells the story of HYBE’s artists through sound, music, movement, and more.

hybe insight bts jungkook

Behind-the-scenes footage and previously unseen BTS content will be shown, as well as Jimin’s solo and an exclusive “Fake Love”/”Black Swan” version of the song. A collaboration with James Jean titled “Garden,” which portrays the seven members of BTS, is also on display at the museum. Fans may even download RM’s audio guide.

Yoojung Sikdang

bts seoul tour yoojun sikdang
Image credit: Ana Gonzales of Anagon

Yoojung Sikdang is the ideal place to start if you’re curious about where BTS used to eat during their rookie days. This place is their favorite spot as they offer a delicious homemade Korean meal. BTS went to this restaurant every day before their debut, partly due to the location of their practice room in the basement. They were fed and cared for by the owner, Kang Sun Ja. The eatery was also referenced in a 2013 episode of BTS’ Rookie King television series. Numerous ARMYs now frequent the eatery. You can even find BTS memorabilia and images here. Fans traveling to Gangnam-gu, Seoul, should surely stop by this location!

Achasan Mountain

bts seoul tour mountain
Image credit: Visit Seoul

In their show RUN BTS!, members RM and V were forced to climb the mountain as a punishment, but they were rewarded with stunning views of Seoul. Many of the members talk about climbing Achasan Mountain to view the sunrise as an afterthought, but it turns out to be a magnificent experience. If you’re curious about what the boys are talking about, head to Anchasan Mountain.

&Gather Café

bts seoul tour gather cafe
Image credit: Gather Cafe

Run BTS! fans will recall episode 45, in which the boys made their coffee drinks!! This is the famous &Gather Café in Seoul’s Youngsan-gu district. The task was to make their own drinks, and had a good time experimenting with different combinations of flavors and ingredients. This cafe is the only place where you can experience and taste the amazing cocktails they created.

Star Avenue at Lotte World

bts seoul tour star avenue
Image credit: tae0709kook

Discover which BTS member’s hand is the right fit for you at Star Avenue in Lotte World. For those of you who aren’t afraid to show off your inner fangirl, there are plenty of opportunities to do so at this location.

LINE FRIENDS Flagship Store

bts seoul tour line
Image credit: ddaengs

Seoul trip isn’t complete without having a BTS shopping at the LINE FRIENDS Flagship Store in Itaewon, where you can get your hands on some BT21 merchandise. Squeal with glee as you peruse RJ, Koya, Mang, Shooky, Chimmy, Tata, and Cooky merchandise, which includes anything from plush toys and keychains to passport covers and keyboards.

Dongjak Bridge

dongho bridge
Image credit: Visit Seoul

The Dongjak Bridge is probably one of the most well-known bridges that crosses the Han River because so many K-drama scenes were shot in this place. This is where V’s “Love Yourself: Her” photo teaser was taken. V was looking at his shadow in a rain puddle when he saw a beautiful blue scene.

Seoul Forest Woodland Playground

bts seoul tour seoul forest woodland playground
Image credit: dyah ayu pradnya

This is the famous concrete tube where SUGA’s Love Yourself poster photoshoot took place. You can take a photo of this concrete tube in Seoul Forest, a big park in Seongdong-gu. It might take some time to find, but it would be worth it to sit where Suga used to sit!

Laundry Pizza

bts seoul tour anagon
Image credit: Ana Gonzales of Anagon

In the Gangnam district of Seoul, Laundry Pizza is another popular place to eat. You may recognize it from the photoshoot for BTS’s album Love Yourself: Her, E Version. You can enjoy eating pizza in the same place where the famous BTS photoshoot happened. It looks like a laundromat, which adds to the charm of the place. A lot of K-Pop idols have visited this pizza resto.

Daeo Bookstore

bts seoul tour bookstore
Image credit: ilsangxxx

Every ARMY is aware of RM’s love for reading. He twice went to the Daeo Bookstore, Seoul’s oldest used bookstore, tucked away in the city and known as a “magic shop.” The place exudes a cozy and quaint vibe.

The Mins

bts seoul tour the mins
Image credit: ilsangxxx

The Mins is BTS’s favorite cafe, which is located in Apgujeong. Lee Changmin from 2AM is in charge of it. Since BTS went there so often, pictures and autographs are all over the cafe. Some of BTS’s favorite drinks here were cherryade and lemonade.

K-Star Road

bts seoul tour k star
Image credit: ilsangxxx

This area is the crossover between K-Fashion, K-Drama and K-pop. You can walk the short distance to K-Star Road from Min’s cafe. It’s only about a kilometer long and goes from Apgujeong Rodeo Station to the Cheongdam intersection. Outside, you can’t miss the sculptures of K-pop groups like BTS, EXO, 4Minute, Super Junior, 2PM, SHINee, KARA, and many more!

Ossu Seiromushi

bts tour seoul Ossu Seiromushi
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Kim Seokjin and his brother Kim Seok Jung own Ossu Seiromushi, a Japanese restaurant. To ensure you get a spot, you must reserve ahead of time, though some fans will wait in line for hours if they have to.

Hwarangdae Station

Hwarangdae Station
Image credit: Ana Gonzales of Anagon

Hwarangdae station is where the Gyeongchun Line Forest Road remains a gorgeous destination for nostalgia. Just like RM, you can pose against the abandoned double-track train and get some attention.

Gong-tral Park

bts seoul tour trail
Image credit: Ana Gonzales of Anagon

‘Gong-tral Park,’ the second section of the Gyeongchun Line Forest Park, has murals and calm benches. Gongneung-dong is a popular route for locals to get to the trailhead. Along the way, you’ll pass through ‘Garden of Village’ ‘Railroad Wildflower Road’ and ‘Railroad Forest Road’, which all have beautifully landscaped gardens with a wide variety of flowers and plants.

Abandoned Swimming Pool

The prologue video for BTS, is a piece of the legendary era (“HYYH”) and the fictional “BTS Universe” plot that the band invented and exploited in Seoul. The video took advantage of Seoul National University’s (SNU) abandoned swimming pool and bathhouse, specifically the SNU Genetic Engineering Research Center! Graffiti is all over the walls, encircled by a wooded area. The boys were having fun in the deserted pool in the song video, making it a unique location for ARMYs.

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