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Butter Book: Grab-And-Go Cafe In Seoul

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South Korea has many famous landmarks and traditions that it’s hard not to admire their culture. From your favorite K-pop songs to K-drama movies; they have been making an impact for many years. The most typical and popular food from South Korea would have to be Samgyup and they have been making an impact around the world. Nobody ever talks about the donut shops in Seoul and one place that’s gaining popularity is Butter Book.

Butter Book is a grab and go cafe located in 20, Sinheung-ro 15-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Some of the customers actually walk to the place on a rather steep hill but while others are taking the green bus which is up long the hill.

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Photo by butter book

The cafe is a small 10-odd-seater where most customers do quick grab-and-go. The outside walls are painted a pale yellow. The tiles in the cafe have calming shade of canary yellow which is comfy for the eyes.

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There are four flavors of donuts available that we recommend:

  • Vanilla (4,000)
  • Lemon (4,000),
  • Chocolate (4,000)
  • Strawberry (4,300)

They also have a selection of scones and some milk teas, which seems to have an English influence.

Unlike other donuts around the world, the donuts here are filled with flavored creams instead of jams. If you like the Korean style cake frostings then you will definitely enjoy this place.

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Photo by butter book

If you’re thirsty, you might want to add their bottled milk (KRW5,000 for 300ml/KRW7,000 for 500ml).

Flavors such as:

  • Velvet Chocolate
  • Green Tea
  • Mugwort
  • Strawberry
  • Milk tea

Natural ingredients are used in these creamy and rich concoctions. The strawberry milk, for example has real strawberry puree in the mix. 

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You might want to give it a good shake before pouring over ice
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Photo by butter book

If you’re a chocolate lover then you’ll love this! You must try their Ganache Brownies (KRW5,000) which come in two flavors: chocolate and earl grey. The chocolate tastes bitter and sweet at the same time while the earl grey one has a strong roasted tea fragrance.

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Photo by butter book

What makes these cubed treats stand out is their contrasting textures. The brownies are crunchy on the outside and it melts-in-your-mouth in the middle. It definitely hits the spot!

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Photo by butter book

This place is starting to hit mainstream. So whether you’re a tourist/local; you need to add this to travel bucket list!



Get a train to Noksapyeong Station and get out of Exit 2. Cross the street and take the local number 2 Green Bus up the hill to the top of the Ogari (5 way intersection).


  • Butter Book is located at 20, Sinheung-ro 15-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul.
  • Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11 AM-8PM

This post is collaboration with Butter Book