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Guide How to Purchase Casetify’s Latest NCT Dream Collection ‘Dream Night Chit Chat’

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Are you ready to add a splash of neon green to your tech accessories? Casetify has teamed up with K-pop group NCT Dream to bring you a collection that’s sure to make every NCTzens heart flutter.

The “Dream Night Chit Chat” collection is perfect as an ideal gift for NCTzen which is compatible with the latest iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models and offers range of tech accesories including AirPods cases, MagSafe accessories, wireless chargers, 2-in-1 charging stands, and iPad cases.

nct dream collab casetify

If you’re a die-hard NCTzen or know someone who is, mark your calendars for May 16 when this collection drops worldwide on But here’s the exciting part: you can secure your spot during the Priority Access period starting May 9, ensuring you get your hands on the hottest items before they fly off the shelves.

Plus, during this period, lucky customers will receive a random poster featuring the members—a perfect addition to any NCT Dream shrine!

NCT DREAM x CASETiFY Collection Designs

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So, what can you expect from this dreamy collaboration? Think eye-catching designs in neon green, accented with pops of purple and silver. One standout piece is the limited-edition earbuds case, inspired by the iconic shape of NCT Dream’s first official lightstick.

And for those who love collecting photocards, Casetify is sweetening the deal by including limited NCT Dream member photocards with every purchase of the AirPods case.

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One standout product in the collection is the ‘NCT DREAM Collectable Edition Earbuds Case’, designed to resemble the group’s official fanlight. This adorable and fashionable accessory allows fans to express their love for NCT DREAM in a delightful way.

NCT DREAM Dive Into You Case

The ‘NCT DREAM Dive Into You Case‘ beautifully encapsulates the essence of their song. Drawing inspiration from its melodies and lyrics, this case showcases a dreamy pastel violet design.

NCT DREAM Letter Case

NCT Dream casetify 6

The ‘NCT DREAM Letter Case‘ embodies a chic and minimalistic aesthetic aimed at captivating fans. Its cloudy font design spelling out ‘Dream’ shows uniqueness and captures the core values of NCT DREAM: youth, hope, and friendship.

NCT DREAM Night Chit Chat Case

NCT Dream casetify 5

The ‘NCT DREAM Night Chit Chat Case‘ captures the essence of the collection. It’s like finding a secret message on a window streaked with rain. This case symbolizes the intimate moments and shared secrets between NCT DREAM and their fans. Its unique design makes it more than just a phone case; it’s like a precious memento, reminding us of the special connection between “NCT Dream and Me.”

NCT DREAM Time Capsule Design Case

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The ‘NCT DREAM Time Capsule Design Case‘ is like a precious gem for fans, filled with an enchanting mix of artworks from NCT DREAM’s unforgettable albums. Every detail is packed with significance, like the pink gum piece, a nod to their debut album ‘Chewing Gum’, or the candy wrap design, a sweet tribute to their beloved album ‘Candy’. The fiery patterns bring to mind their album ‘Hot Sauce’, sparking excitement and dynamism, while the anchor design from the album ‘We Young’ conveys a sense of strength and progress.

NCT DREAM Photo Frame Case

The ‘NCT DREAM Photo Frame Case‘ isn’t just your typical phone accessory – it’s a wonderful way for fans to feel even closer to the group. This special case comes with a dedicated photo frame where you can proudly show off your favorite NCT DREAM member’s picture, keeping a little piece of your adoration with you wherever you go. And to make it even more adorable, the case is decorated with cute animal stickers that represent each member, adding a playful and charming touch that perfectly captures the spirit of the group.


NCT DREAM x CASETiFY “Dream Night Chit Chat” Pop Up

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. If you happen to find yourself in Seoul from May 9-13, make sure to swing by the special pop-up event hosted by Casetify x NCT Dream. Located at 15-1, Seoulsup 4-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, this event promises three floors of interactive photo opportunities that will transport you into the world of NCT Dream.

NCT Dream casetify 2

To add to the excitement, Casetify will also be releasing a “Dream Night Chit Chat” hero video featuring all the members, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiration behind the collection and the creative process involved in bringing it to life.

DIVE INTO Dream Night Chit Chat Waitlist

The NCT DREAM X CASETiFY exclusive tech accessory collection will be available worldwide on starting May 16th. Customers can make purchases online, through the CASETiFY Co-Lab app (available now in the App Store), and at eight CASETiFY studios across the country. Those eager to acquire the collection during the Priority Access period can sign up for the waiting list starting on May 9th.

NCT Dream casetify

Whether you’re decking out your tech in NCT Dream’s signature colors or immersing yourself in the pop-up experience in Seoul, the Casetify x NCT Dream collaboration is a must-have for any K-pop enthusiast.

For more detailed information, please visit the official website ( and CASETiFY’s official Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter channels.

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