Get Ready to be Enchanted: Cebu Aurora Fest 2023 Super Solid Lineup Promises to Be Wilder and Better

The Cebu Aurora Fest 2023 is set to enthrall music enthusiasts with an amazing experience this September showcasing the greatest of local talent.

If you believe that the fun at Clark ceased in April, think again.

Aurora Festival returns with a bang, guaranteeing an unforgettable live music experience and a celebration of OPM icons. So, are you prepared this time around, Titos, Titas, and GenZ individuals? We’re going to party vigorously in the southern capital!

cebu aurora fest 2023

On September 16, 2023, the #CebuAuroraFest2023 is primed and ready to provide music lovers with an unforgettable experience, showcasing the best of Cebu’s local talent and the festival’s vibrant ambiance! After all of the fantastic scenes and moments at the 1st Cebu Aurora Fest in November 2022 and the Clark Aurora Music Festival in April 2023, it’s time to introduce top-tier magic to music enthusiasts in Visayas!

On Saturday, September 16, 2023, the Cebu Aurora Music Festival will take place at OPEN PUREGOLD LOT AT FORMER MARRECO, BRGY. POBLACION MANDAUE, CEBU.

Cebu Aurora Fest 2023 lineup

The #CebuAuroraFest2023 lineup will feature legendary OPM artists and icons. Ely Buendia, straight off the Eraserheads US Tour, Bamboo, with his timeless catalog of hits, and Silent Sanctuary, who will give you all the #feels on the festival grounds!

Armi Millare, who will perform at her first festival as a solo artist, will also be present to energize the crowd if you miss her enchanting vocals. And if you thought that was all, the stellar lineup includes Zack Tabudlo, ADIE, and Sunkissed Lola, three youthful, viral, and in-demand artists of today!

cebu aurora fest 2023 lineup armi millare

Cebu Aurora Festival will pay homage to the legends who have influenced the Philippine music scene and will also feature the hottest bands in Cebu, such as Missing Filemon and Phylum, to deliver a Bisrock live music experience unlike any other.

Indeed, prepare to be swept off your feet when these performers take the stage and perform their classic songs, creating an electrifying environment for all attendees.

These artists are renowned for their extraordinary live performances, which will leave the audience admiring their energy, passion, and artistic ability.

The Cebu Aurora Festival has garnered recognition as the country’s largest OPM festival. This grand celebration of Filipino music and culture has become a must-attend event for all aficionados, attracting music enthusiasts from all walks of life. The festival’s dedication to promoting OPM and providing a forum for talented artists has enhanced the local music scene.

We encourage all music lovers to purchase tickets for this highly anticipated event as soon as possible, as they are expected to sell out rapidly.

Cebu Aurora Music Festival is brought to you by EPIC EVENTS, EggStop, Mr Macchiato. Co Presented by Cebu Pacific Air, Major Sponsor Horoyoi.

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