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Grab A Bite of Chicken Biryani From BIRYUMMY!





If you’re looking for another comfort food other Jollibee chicken, you can try chicken biryani from BirYummy! Biryani usually consists of Indian spices, rice, and meat ranging from beef, goat, chicken, among others. We were craving for some chicken biryani, so we happen to find this homegrown restaurant that solves our biryani cravings.


BirYummy started when some of the founder’s family friends and relatives would ask their “Lola” to produce biryani after they tasted it during Ramadan. Ramadan is the Holy Month of fasting for all Muslims around the world. The founder’s Lola would always provide food, particularly her Birayani for free because they believe of giving back to the community in the smallest way.

Surprisingly, they kept hearing from people whom they have known that their biryani would click within their Muslim community. By then, they have thought of producing the biryani for their target market amid pandemic to generate income since their Lola is known to be one of the best chefs in town.


Available Size:

  • Solo Size: PHP 160
  • Double Size: PHP 280
  • Party Size : PHP 750
  • Biryani Rice Only: PHP 100

Chicken Biryani: It has its own distinctive color and flavor! You can actually taste the spices and the chicken was bigger than most biryani that we have tried in the past! We had the party size so we had enough for the next day. Rate: 9/10


The BirYummy brand was the result of their specialty that has Meranao-inspired twist by their grandmother “Lola”. They would often receive feedback from their customers who would often reply that “It’s Yummy”. They have thought of combining Biryani and Yummy to come up with this catchy brand. Thus BirYummy was born.


BirYummy version of biryani is unique based on its color, texture and taste compared to biryani that they have tried in the past.

How To Order:

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