Chris Hemsworth Talks About Netflix’s ‘Extraction 2’ Behind-the-Scenes During Premiere in Manila

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Brace yourselves; Chris Hemsworth—who plays Tyler Rakes—is back for much bigger and more thrilling action in Extraction 2! After barely surviving his last mission, Tyler Rake sets out on another dangerous quest to rescue a gangster’s family trapped in prison.

The film will take you on an exhilarating adventure! Hold tight as the scenes become even more challenging and intense; they’ll keep you on the edge of your seats. Directed by Sam Hargrave, produced by the Russo brothers, and written by Joe Russo, Extraction 2 premieres June 16 on Netflix.

christ hemsworth in manila extraction 2
Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth and director Sam Hargrave Press Conference in Manila | Photo by Jonnie Ngo

The red carpet premiere of Netflix’s hit film ‘Extraction 2’ was held in the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall last June 5, with Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth and director Sam Hargrave. Celebrities, influencers, and media representatives around the region also attended the event. 

‘Extraction 2’ Press Conference in Manila

During the Manila press conference, Chris and Sam shared some hints about what to expect for the film’s sequel. When asked what aspects of the journey Chris was most excited to explore this time around as he steps back into the shoot for Extraction 2, he shared his excitement to dig into the character and its emotional journey. 

Extraction2 Netflix Manila
Photo courtesy to Netflix

He said, “We had all this conversation—the character’s backstory and where it came from, and what influenced him to end up in this position and have this approach to this line of work.

Since the second film stepped up to a much bigger scale, there are a lot of stunts to anticipate. Chris added, “I certainly knew that Sam was going to recreate the action in a massive way.” 

According to Sam, he worked very closely with Joe Russo and Chris Hemsworth on the script, where they spent a lot of time brainstorming together during the actor’s vacation. Sam also praised Chris’ work ethic, which made his job easier and made him want to work with him. The director joked, “I mean, look at the guy. Come on; it’s a good enough reason.” 

chris hemsworth extraction 2
Australian actor Chris Hemsworth | Photo by Jonnie Ngo

The director went on to express how talented and hardworking Chris is. Sam continued, “As a filmmaker, filmmaking is one of the most collaborative art forms out there, and when you get the opportunity to work with someone like Chris, who is not only supremely talented in his lane, which is acting in action, but as a filmmaker, you are still collaborative and knowledgeable about storytelling, writing, and you know where to put the camera. And so it makes my job a lot easier when you have somebody like him inspiring you and helping lead the way. It’s always a pleasure working with Chris.

Sam Hargrave on directing action and stunts

Sam addressed that the challenge with each new film is keeping up with the level that continues to rise, as many excellent action movies are being released every year. While working with Chris, his primary focus was his passion for the craft and the fans. He thought, “How can we push each other to do something that we’ll be proud of 10 years from now and try to make it something memorable for the fans.”

As someone who has worked on numerous action movies, Sam approaches fight scenes from a fan’s perspective to keep things interesting. He considers what he would want to see in a fight scene as a fan and how he can make it interesting. 

He admitted, “My interpretation of that moment, the most exciting way I can imagine to present it to the audience and hope they enjoy it.

Action Stunts and Scenes to Watch Out For

Since the film has a lot of action sequences, Chris Hemsworth was excited for his fans to see the train scene. The actor mentioned that he was on top of the train while it was moving at high speed.

Chris revealed, “It’s an actual train. It’s snowing. We’re in the Czech Republic, and there was a helicopter about 20 feet in front of me flying backwards.

For Sam, the part also had the craziest camera shots since he was operating the camera while the train was moving. Besides the below-zero temperature, the chopper was right in front, and Chris had to dance on a moving train.

As shown in the trailer, there were 300 extras as prisoners, and Chris was set on fire, which the actor described as ‘terrifying’ despite enjoying it since he was freezing due to the snow. Sam recalled having eight takes while filming the scene. Chris also explained how everyone would get ready—people on set had to be very quiet as the crew lit him and a few others on fire. They prepared a flammable liquid for Chris’ jacket. By the end of the sequence, the instruction was to put out the fire in case it was not out. 

On physical training, the actor shared that the steps and fight choreography became easy through familiarity with the routine—including other methods he learned from other films that physically prepared him differently.

Chris emphasized, “For Thor, it was more aesthetics and about building muscle and looking bigger, but it wasn’t heavily functional. Whereas, for this film, it was about stripping all that and being able to move more—flexibility and functionality.

The actor claimed that it took a lot of rehearsal and fixed skills for the stunts. He pointed out, “There’s an authenticity to it. There’s a truth to it. It’s not like watching a video game because it’s real.” 

chris hemsworth extraction 2 1
Photo by Jonnie Ngo

Chris wanted to let the audience see the real Tyler Rake. Since the sequel focuses more on his emotional drive, Chris received a question on what makes Tyler Rake relatable. He replied, “There’s a pain in the struggle, and we all experience that in all shapes and forms. I think the vulnerability to the character, which is very deep underneath this tough exterior, is what people empathize with and connect with.

In comparison to the first film, Sam explained that the first film was about dealing with guilt and redemption as he deals with his past— his son. Sam hinted that the influence of life, family, and decision-making will be central to the second film. 

Red Carpet, Fan Event, and Advanced Screening

After the press conference, the red carpet and fan event began in the late afternoon at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall, where Netflix Philippines gave away a tote bag with some snacks, including a poster, fan, and sticker. Local and international celebrities donned their best attire for the red-carpet premiere of Extraction 2.

Among the public figures that graced the red carpet are Alden Richards, Maja Salvador, Jane de Leon, Nico Bolzico, Alodia Gosiengfiao, and many more! In addition, media, influencers, and fans have all gathered together for the special event.

Hosted by Janeena Chan, the event began with a trailer from the VCR of ‘Extraction 2’, including some behind-the-scenes footage from the film. In a short while, Sam Hargrave made a grand entrance and walked towards the red carpet to greet all the fans. He accommodated the fans by signing autographs and taking selfies with them. 

Cheers had gotten louder at the most-awaited entrance of Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth, who waved to fans while walking the red carpet. He smiled for photos and signed many autographs from the crowd. Just like Sam, the actor also stopped for a quick interview with some press. 

extraction 2 chris hemsworth philippines
Photo by Jonnie Ngo

After Sam and Chris interacted with the fans on the red carpet, the two went on stage to join Janeena for a short interview segment. In addition, Netflix organized a game for fans to win lucky prizes. In the first game, Chris and Sam will pick anyone from the audience who can mimic Chris’ expression from Extraction. In the second game, a lucky fan came up on stage to hug the stars and take a photo with them through a random spotlight game. 

netflix extraction manila
Photo courtesy to Netflix

Chris Hemsworth and Sam Hargrave thanked the fans for their love and support for ‘Extraction 2’. They hope fans will enjoy the movie, as the entire cast and crew worked hard for the sequel. Netflix Philippines hosted an advanced screening in SM Cinema, marking the conclusion of the fan event. They also prepared meals, flavoured popcorn, and drinks for everyone who attended the special screening.

Don’t miss ‘Extraction 2‘ on Netflix this June 16.

Special thanks to Netflix Philippines for the media invite!


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