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Chuseok: Korean Thanksgiving Day

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chuseok day 2022

When it comes to Korean culture, few things are as important and revered as the harvest festival known as Chuseok. This ancestral celebration is a time for families to gather together and celebrate their heritage by honouring their ancestors, who worked hard so that their descendants might live comfortably. It’s also a chance for friends and neighbours to come together and share food before winter sets in. 

chuseok thanksgiving day holiday
Image courtesy to Korea Tourism Organization

Since Chuseok is a celebration that reminds Koreans of their cultural heritage and tradition, here are the most important things to remember when the holiday season rolls around.

Chuseok is the biggest and most important holiday in Korea. It takes place on September 15th on the lunar calendar, which means it falls sometime between September 14th and October 10th. Before you ask why this date changes every year, let’s look at how Chuseok came about in the first place.

chuseok thanksgiving day 3
Image courtesy to Korea Tourism Organization

As you can see, Chuseok is a significant holiday for Koreans. 

This is a time for families to celebrate, eat delicious food, and reflect on the previous year. This year, I wish you and your family a happy Chuseok!

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