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[CONCERT RECAP] Lights, Camera, It’s Jessi In Action, Baby!

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jessi in manila concert recap 2022

Manila was given the VIP treatment as singer/rapper, and MC Jessica Ho, better known as Jessi, took the stage of SM MOA Arena last September 30, 2022. Performing for the first time in the country, the multi-talented artist was on fire, much to the delight of Filo Jebbies.

jess manila 2022

Jessi kicked off #ZoominManila with one of her massive hits, “What Type of X”, followed by a medley of songs including “Don’t Touch Me”. Taking the energy down to a mellow level, she performed “Numb” as part of her down-tempo repertoire. Prior to singing it, Jessi shared that it was going to be her first time performing the said number. She then slowly picked up the pace with “Arrived”, “Boing”, “Gucci”, “Who Dat B”, and “Down”.

Before ending her first set, she invited premiere street dance group A-Team onstage to perform “Spirit Animal”, “Wet”, and “Drip” with her. Together, they have one of the show’s highlights thanks to their energetic collaboration.

By the second half of the show, Jessi went back onstage looking like a million bucks in a gold and yellow number, which signalled an emotional performance of STAR as fans flashed their phones with pink lights to her singing.

“I want u guys to fucking know that you are fucking stars. It took me 18yrs… I did it. You guys can do it too!”

For the song “Cold Blooded”, she clarified that she’s not one at all and has a big heart. Jessi added, “But sometimes, I have to be cold blooded in this industry. I’m just very honest.”

Before moving on to the much-anticipated song of the night, videos of the viral Zoom TikTok challenge featuring Filipino Tiktokers was shown. Jessi thanked her Filipino fans for making “Zoom” popular and a trend on the first days of its release. She also shared, “The reason why I made this song is to make you guys realize that to always take photos coz nothing lasts but photos. So take as much photos as you can.”

Without missing a beat, the show proceeded with a performance of her crowd faves, “Nunu Nana”, and ended the concert with an encore of “Ssenunni”. Indeed, Jessi was indeed in her element.

And in true Zoom fashion, Jessi showed her gratitude and love for her Filo Jebbies by granting selfies coupled with hugs and a slew of “You’re beautiful”, making an already memorable night more memorable to some lucky fans. What a night!

Thank you, Neuwave Events & Productions. , for the media invite. The Jessi #ZoominManila was covered by Ana Gonzales and Paul Chuapoco.

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