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CRUNCHY BUCKET: Yummy Chicken Skin Is So Worth The Crunch!





It’s without a doubt that chicken is the number one food in the Philippines. From every corner, a fast-food chain sells chicken to all the foodies out there, and “Chicken Skin” is one most popular food that you can even from street vendors. We found the epic “Crunchy Bucket” which offers more than chicken skin to its customers and they pack quite a punch!

Crunchy Bucket definitely packs a crunch!

According to the owner, he said; “It started when me and my wife were on a keto diet. We tried to level up our favorite chicken skin snack by adding flavors to it. We started joining bazaars and food markets and then eventually joined malls. However, due to covid. We decided to close all outlets and just focus selling online.”

They decided to name the brand “Crunchy Bucket” because they make sure that every single chicken skin inside is crunchy. They also thought “Crunchy” is something Filipinos would love!

The Crunchy bucket offers different flavors of “Chicken Skin” which include:

  1. Classic
  2. Salted Egg
  3. Garlic Parmesan
  4. Spicy
  5. BBQ
  6. Sour Cream

We have our own favorites but it was hard to choose since each flavor has their own distinctive flavor that made us crave for more!

You can choose from the bucket size: Small, Medium and Large!

Classic: The classic is the same typical chicken skin that you would probably get at the mall. The only difference is that it’s not too oily and at the same time, it’s so crunchy that you hear the crunch after every bite! Rate: 9/10

Salted Egg: This is was just different! You can actually taste the egg flavor from the chicken skin! Rate: 9/10

Garlic Parmesan: We just loved this flavor! It’s not too sweet and tasted just right! Rate: 10/10


Spicy: If you spicy food, you’ll love this! The spice actually still stays in your mouth! Rate: 10/10

BBQ: It taste almost similar to the classic but has that unique barbecue flavor. Rate: 9/10

Sour Cream: We rate this similar to the garlci parmesan! Rate: 9/10

Each flavor had has drooling for more!

Each of these flavor have different bucket size:

  • Small: PHP 85
  • Medium: PHP 120
  • Large: PHP 160
Perfect for Barkada nights or watch a movie on Netflix!

They currently deliver all over NCR (National Capital Region), so you won’t have a difficult getting these munchies! Honestly, one large bucket of the crunchy bucket was enough for one person! They’re perfect for game night or simply if you want to watch something awesome on Netflix. The crunchy bucket is your go-to-buddy. All you need is extra rice, and you’re good to go!

One large bucket was enough for one person!

You can contact Crunchy Bucket on their

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