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DHRUV to hold concert in Manila this July




2023 dhruv asia live in manila

Prepare to be mesmerized, Philippines, because breakout artist and viral sensation DHRUV have his sights set on you as he tours Asia in July, with Manila being one of his destinations!

PULP Live World is pleased to announce that DHRUV IN ASIA 2023: LIVE IN MANILA will take place at The Podium Hall on July 25, 2023, at 8:00 p.m. This performance is anticipated to feature all the positive energy and groovy beats that we have been craving from DHRUV!

2023 dhruv asia live in manila
Presented by PULP Live World

Dhruv Sharma, also known as DHRUV, is a young Indian pop artist educated in Singapore. In spite of the fact that he only began his musical career in 2019, which is relatively recent for a musician, DHRUV’s viral success has already established him as an artist to watch. “double take,” his debut single, is one of the most streamed tracks of 2022. This R&B song about falling in love with the closest friend topped the charts in the Philippines and Thailand. This tune is also among the most popular tracks on Tiktok. Videos featuring the song have garnered 285.6 million views, and the song has been streamed over 212 million times on Spotify alone.

In 2022, DHRUV released his debut EP, Rapunzel, a tribute to his childhood memories and a reflection on youthful love and life. DHRUV’s music is profoundly influenced by the Bollywood melodies that his father frequently sang at family gatherings. His introduction to Western mainstream music was via CDs purchased from a local CD store. As a proud homosexual, he has begun to incorporate messages of LGBT love into his music courageously. All of his compositions are relatable regardless of the age or gender of the listener, as he intends for his music to be a source of solace and companionship for everyone.

DHRUV announces an Asia tour for 2023 now that his career is ascending due to anticipated success and acclaim. This is a new endeavor for him to communicate with his global fans. With his viral hits and new songs, fans in Manila could anticipate nothing but amazing music and love at this concert.

Ticket Details DHRUV Asia 2023

Meet DHRUV on July 25, 2023, at The Podium Hall for DHRUV IN ASIA 2023: LIVE IN MANILA. There is no refuting that his musical ingenuity has captured our attention. Doors open at six, and the performance begins at eight. This program is made possible by PULP Live World. Beginning on April 16, 12:00 a.m., tickets can be purchased at SM Tickets outlets nationwide or online at

dhruve live in manila 2023 ticket details
Presented by PULP Live World

VIP Standing Pit tickets are priced at *2,800 each.

*Ticketing fees are applicable

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