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Revolutionising Digital Entertainment in the Philippines

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Revolutionising digital entertainment in the Philippines

Traditional bingo is firmly rooted in Filipino culture. Such gaming activities have provided a platform for people from all walks of life to enjoy, relax, and form important connections through each game.

However, the unique circumstances brought up by the epidemic altered the entire game sector, as quarantine regulations prohibited any type of social gathering. The public crises also accelerated digital adoption around the world. This comes in the midst of a digitally savvy young demographic and widespread Internet and smartphone adoption in recent years.

This presented both a challenge and an opportunity for gaming and leisure business DigiPlus Interactive to lead digitalisation in the Philippine gaming sector while providing entertaining experiences for its users across many channels.

Revolutionising digital entertainment in the Philippines

BingoPlus was introduced by DigiPlus Interactive in January 2022. It is the first digital platform that allows bingo fans in the Philippines to play whenever and wherever they want by bringing the game live online. BingoPlus draws on the company’s extensive knowledge of its clients while incorporating innovation and technology to provide new entertainment product forms to more Filipinos.

BingoPlus’ brick-and-mortar or traditional bingo activities supported its move into the digital sector. DigiPlus Interactive now maintains at least 200 bingo halls in various parts of the Philippines, which remain popular among Filipinos.

DigiPlus’s rapid expansion was fueled by BingoPlus’s outstanding results. DigiPlus’s financial performance improved in 2022, with a net income of ₱686.9m compared to the previous year’s deficit of ₱894.6m. DigiPlus’s net income increased by more than tenfold in the first nine months of 2023, reaching ₱2.1 billion from 2022.


As the country’s first and only government-licensed digital bingo platform, BingoPlus is changing the gaming industry. Continuing to dominate the digital gaming industry, BingoPlus has created new opportunities, resulting in the growth of online gaming platforms in the Philippines. This healthy rivalry encourages innovation and originality, which ultimately benefits the customers.

The platform has subsequently evolved into a community and entertainment platform, a source of revenue for the Philippine government, and a contributor to a variety of social and educational non-profit programs.

“The success of BingoPlus has paved the way for [DigiPlus] to undertake a strategic transformation to position itself as a digital entertainment platform,” the business stated in a statement. It also announced plans to create fresh and unique game offerings to appeal to a wider range of demographics and lifestyle preferences.

The platform’s continued investment in research and development, as well as its efforts to revolutionize the digital gaming experience, have been recognized by the inaugural Asian Management Excellence Awards, with the company winning the Philippines Innovator of the Year – Media & Entertainment category award.

The renowned awards program recognizes Asia’s best business leaders, innovators, and organizations, as well as outstanding achievements in a variety of operational areas such as employee engagement programs, diversity and inclusion projects, and health and wellness initiatives.


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