Discovering Santiago Cove Hotel: A Calm Coast Paradise In Ilocos Sur

Santiago, one of Ilocos Sur’s thirty-two municipalities, is like a treasure chest full of hidden gems to be unearthed and uncovered, revealing a world of unfathomable beauty to be explored and appreciated. This charming town a short distance south of the historic city of Vigan is brimming with nature, culture, and culinary delights.

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On a 1 kilometer stretch of Santiago Cove, surrounded by emerald waters and verdant mountains, is a picturesque property that instantly transports guests and visitors to the iconic caldera and chic Cycladic architecture of Santorini, Greece, without the need to travel thousands of miles or spend a fortune.

Santiago Cove Hotel, as Instagrammable as one might anticipate, is not a typical destination but a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Its cozy, familiar, and inviting atmosphere leaves a lasting impression, compelling visitors to return for more.

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Guests attest that this boutique hotel exudes a home-away-from-home ambience. The property features 50 spacious accommodations, all elegantly designed to complement the natural surroundings. Its assortment of guestrooms, including Deluxe at 25 square meters, Premium Deluxe at 28 square meters, Junior Suite at 30 square meters, and Family Suite at 36 square meters, are designed with minimalist aesthetics and blue accents to exude a unique sense of comfort. Each room has the amenities one would expect from a hotel in the city, including a flat-screen television, a dresser that doubles as a desk, air conditioning, and, most importantly, Wi-Fi that is strong enough to allow one to work from paradise if the need arises.

Why choose a Santorini-inspired theme when a nearby competitor has the same overall aesthetic?

Santiago Cove Hotel and Restaurant’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Dianne Tongol-Miranda, reveals that the Local Government Unit desires “to set an image that we are Santorini of the Philippines, not just the North.” According to her, white represents the purity of the people of Santiago, while blue reflects the clarity of the cove’s waters.

She adds, “It was a risk that we’re willing to take from the beginning. Looking back, we are confident that the outcome was positive.” In accordance with this, Santiago Cove Hotel will soon unveil its annex, a four-story structure containing its 300-seat grand ballroom, coffee shop, rooftop bar, and premier suites overlooking the scenic coastline.


As a top-rated travel destination in the nation, the Ilocos region is renowned for its exciting and flavorful dining options. And Santiago unquestionably contributes to that unique epicurean experience, as dining here is a luxurious pleasure meant to be savored with each bite.

The Santiago Cove Hotel is pleased with Tiny Wave. This poolside restaurant serves Asian cuisine, including unlimited Korean and Japanese grilling. It is distinguished by its abundance of fresh seafood options, including tuna, dorado, clams, mussels, and shrimp, among many others.

A few steps from the hotel is Rodrigo’s Roast + Resto & Bar, an all-day dining establishment specializing in traditional Filipino-Ilocano cuisine with a contemporary twist. The highlight? It features the distinctive flavors of Santiago using only the freshest, sustainably sourced ingredients. Live acoustic music complements the romantic seaside setting at Rodrigo’s, creating an atmosphere that is nothing short of refreshing. Lechon Roast is one of the restaurant’s most popular specialties.

“In Ilocos, no Lechon is as flavorful without the cactus-like karimbuaya, which imparts its distinctive, savory flavor and aroma,” explains Chester Delos Reyes – Velas, the property’s Chef Consultant and the mastermind behind the menus of the property’s two main dining outlets and home-style burger joint. Velas’ plethora of culinary experiences, bolstered by his training and knowledge from international hotel and restaurant chains, contributed to the variety of flavors that Santiago now offers.

The Santiago Cove Hotel and Restaurant caters a variety of events with exquisite cuisine. From destination weddings to corporate and government events, the property’s home-style, locally sourced gastronomic celebrations satisfy even the most discerning palates.


The chic property distinguishes itself from nearby beach properties that offer the same iconic Greek landscape by elevating the hotel lifestyle with its renowned Ilocano hospitality at budget-friendly price points.

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Numerous activities and attractions are marketed to all types of visitors in order to enhance their enjoyment of exploring this paradise. Aside from the adrenaline-pumping water activities such as banana boat, bandwagon, kayak, jet ski, and sunset cruise, guests are welcome to bask in the sun all day on the cove’s powdery white sand, which is ideal for lounging.

According to Miranda, a friend of her father-in-law, Josefino, urged the then-mayor to construct a hotel as they developed Santiago, adding, “they believe Santiago is the future of Ilocos Sur. He has so much vision for the area’s beautification because he wants this place to be recognized internationally as a tourist destination. We are confident that the place we call home has much to offer; we want our guests to discover and cherish a variety of experiences. Santiago offers a wealth of opportunities.”

With the Miranda family serving their community, her father-in-law and brother-in-law, Michael Miranda, as Vice Mayor and Mayor, respectively, they hope to elevate Santiago.
Santiago is home to off-the-beaten-path locations that no traveler should overlook.

Mapisi Rock, also known as Biak Na Bato, is a colossal formation in Barangay Ambucao that is believed to have been “cut” by natural forces and towers over the entire beach from a distance.
Sabangan’s local weavers, including the 83-year-old master weaver Aling Corazon, are not to be missed. A quick tour of her factory reveals how the locals painstakingly transform colorful native yarns into something intricately beautiful, such as Abel, the province of Ilocos Sur’s woven product that has evolved into face masks, blankets, bed linens, and table runners, among others. Aling Corazon and her peers consider the woven textiles to be more than just works of art. What began as a family tradition, panagabel or loom weaving, became her life at the age of 12 when she began. She also ensured that it was passed on to future generations.

Tourists can sample Dan-Ar Lechon at Royale Blood Lechon AB+, a humble eatery serving “crispy, flavorful, delicious lechon that has been tested by the passage of time.” According to the proprietor, Mary Jane, a trip to Santiago, Ilocos Sur, would not be as satisfying without tasting their equivalent of Cebu’s irresistible version.

Want to visit the region’s thriving blacksmithing industry?

The Caburao stretch is the place to be. The fact that stores are lined up with blades, samurai, and other razor products on display demonstrate that pandayan is as robust as ever.

Santiago’s idyllic natural setting invites visitors to experience the wonders this Ilocano municipality has to offer, with each visit revealing a new facet of its unique, authentic beauty.

For inquiries and reservations, please contact Santiago Cove Hotel at +63 917 654 2078 or [email protected]. Follow @santiagocovehotel on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

The Santiago Cove Hotel can be found on Sabangan Beach in Santiago, Philippines.


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