DOOKKI: Korea’s Number One Topokki Buffet Is Now In The PHILIPPINES!

If you’re a huge fan of Korean food and drama then you need to add DOOKI to your food bucket list. This popular topokki food chain has around 200 branches in Korea. They also have branches in Taiwan, Thailand, and many more countries. DOOKKI has finally opened its first branch in the Philippines and they plan to add more branches too! DOOKI has been featured in countless Korean shows and K-dramas including A Revolutionary Love, Black, Korean Odyssey, and many more!

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DOOKI means two meals: Topokki and Kimchi Fried Rice. Unlike other topokki restaurants, DOOKI gives quite a unique Korean experience through its topokki ingredients, sauce and noodles. We also can’t forget the fish cakes which they never seem to run out of! They have plenty of tables and chairs that comes with a grill and topokki hot pot. DOOKI also has comfortable benches. They also have the latest Korean music blasting through the speakers: mostly Blackpink and BTS.

DOOKKI serves a wide variety of rice cakes and fish cakes which are the famous street food in Korea. They have the original rice cakes with corn, cheese, sweet potato, and other varieties. They also include various sauces including Spicy, median spice (Dookki Suace). They have the BBQ and Cream sauce which is perfect for the kids.

After the sauce bar, they have plenty of side dishes like fried items (Fried Chicken, Onion Rings, Sweet Potato, Seaweed Rolls, Mandu), Rice balls, Japchae, and more! Nearby they have a variety of noodles that you can mix with your topokki and fish cake. Tokpokki has the perfect mix and taste with the fresh ingredients and vegetables including Enoki Mushrooms, Carrots, Cabbages, Onions, Leek, beef, sausages, mussels, and shrimps!

Lastly they have the Fried Rice Station, where you can get all ingredients for making your own kimchi fried rice. Each table in DOOKKI has their paper pamplet where it will teach customers to cook toppoki and fried rice. You can actually watch our step by step instructions on our YouTube video.

Since the lockdown, only DOOKKI staff will be allowed to get all your food and drinks to your table. They can also help you cook your food. The staff is very friendly and hospitable.

We highly recommend cooking the DOOKKI. You can shrimps, shells, noodles, and even vegetables! The best part is that that you can also add fish cake to your topokki! A bonus top is to get the Cheese Ring. You can’t have a complete DOOKKI experience without it!

Here is an extra tip: You can ask for the packaged Korean noodles. They are for FREE!

The fried rice is also unexpectedly delicious! The toppings and sauce can really depend on your taste buds but we recommend adding bacon and a little spicy sauce. You will get a huge kick out of it!

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  • Adults: P499
  • Kids (before 4 ft below): P240
  • Cheese Ring: P199
  • Snow Cheese: P119


Watch our video on how to DOOKKI and cook fried rice the right way!


  • Location: SM North EDSA, Annex, Quezon City
  • Opening Hours: 10:30AM – 8PM
  • Leftover fee: P200 per head (No takeout)
  • Time Limit: 99 minutes per table
  • Bathroom: Inside the mall
  • Parking Available: Yes
  • WiFi: None

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