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‘Dr. Romantic’ Actress Lee Sung Kyung Reunites with Filipino Fans for “Be Closer” Asia Fan Meeting

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lee sung kyung fan meeting recap

South Korean actress Lee Sung Kyung reunited with her Filipino fans on July 8th at the SM North Edsa Skydome for her Asia fan meeting tour ‘Be Closer,’ presented by CDM Entertainment.

Best known for her roles in K-Dramas such as “Dr. Romantic,” “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo,” and “Shooting Stars,” Lee Sung Kyung, a model turned actress, has also gained popularity for her singing talent.

During the fan meeting, Lee Sung Kyung showcased her versatility as she prepared several surprises for her fans, including special performances and games. The actress graced the stage in a casual white top paired with denim as she mesmerized the audience with her rendition of IU’s “Hold My Hand.”

6 Steps To You – Let’s go! Sungkyung’s Trip!

In the first segment, Lee Sung Kyung revealed some of her routines and behind-the-scenes moments to her fans. The first video shown was her workout routine captured several months ago. The second video featured Lee Sung Kyung during a summer pictorial, although she clarified that it was actually shot during winter. She humorously remarked, “It was actually very cold during this shoot, does it look like I’m enjoying the warm sunlight?

Due to the chilly conditions, she focused on completing the shoot quickly so that the staff could go home. She continued, “Because the other staff members were feeling cold, I had to wrap up the shoot right away so we could go home faster.

The following video heightened the excitement among fans as it showcased behind-the-scenes moments from the filming set of “Dr. Romantic 3”. The footage captured Lee Sung Kyung holding an umbrella to cover the director from the sun. According to the actress, the scene depicted a building collapse, and the camera director appeared to be suffering due to the hot weather.

Lee Sung Kyung’s Filipino Food Cravings

During the Sung Kyung’s Awards segment, fans were asked to guess the star’s preferences. In the category of Filipino food that Lee Sung Kyung wanted to try, her top choices were sisig and sinigang. She shared, “I actually reserved restaurants to try all these foods.


Not only is the actress interested in meals, but she also has a sweet tooth. Lee Sung Kyung revealed that she considers snacks like jelly a must-have during filming because she loves desserts. She admitted, “After my schedule, I enjoy eating bingsu, cake, and ice cream. During filming, I enjoy jelly.

lee sung kyung manila

Although Lee Sung Kyung hasn’t tried any Filipino desserts yet, she expressed her desire to sample them. While many fans recommended halo-halo, the dessert that captured Lee Sung Kyung’s tastebuds was mango float. She answered, “Mango is really good. I like mangoes, but I think I should try halo-halo!

Special Messages from the Cast of Dr. Romantic and Surprise Performances

Fans of the “Dr. Romantic series were overjoyed by the fan service provided during the event. In the last segment of Sung Kyung’s Awards, she was asked to choose a scene-stealer from the cast of “Dr. Romantic” whom she would love to work with again. The actors mentioned were Lim Won Hee, Lee Hong Nae, Lee Sin Young, and Yoon Na Mu. To fans’ surprise, she chose all four of them.

lee sung kyung and ahn yo seop fan meeting

Furthermore, some cast members sent their support to Lee Sung Kyung’s fan meeting and conveyed heartfelt messages to the actress. Among her co-stars were So Joo Yeon, Kim Min Jae, and Ahn Hyo Seop.

After the video messages were shown, Lee Sung Kyung returned to the stage in her “Dr. Romantic” uniform, complete with a white coat. She performed Chungha’s “My Love” from the OST of “Dr. Romantic 2”.

Known for her multi talented nature, Lee Sung Kyung didn’t disappoint when she changed into a girl boss outfit and danced to songs like IVE’s “After Like” and Le Sserafim’s “Unforgiven.”

Games and Fan Interactions

Later on, Lee Sung Kyung switched to a sporty outfit as she prepared for the games. Ticket holders were divided into three zones—MVP, VIP, and Biblee—for the games, with one representative from each zone. The game aimed to test who knew Lee Sung Kyung the best, with the winner receiving a tumbler personally designed by Lee Sung Kyung.

The game, titled “3 Steps to You – Lee Sung Kyung’s TMI OX,” allowed Lee Sung Kyung to share interesting facts about herself that many fans may not know, such as her favorite season being spring and her ability to consume up to four packs of ramen. Another fun fact about the actress is that she is more scared of bugs than ghosts.

In another game, three representatives from each zone had the chance to play with Lee Sung Kyung. If the representative won, their zone would also receive a signed poster. The winner was determined by completing challenges involving jump rope, throwing, and tossing within the shortest amount of time with the actress. 

The final game, “Let’s go! Be Closer!”, was only played by Lee Sung Kyung for the fans. If the actress failed to win the round, she would receive a punishment. The first round was the “Finger Punch Game,” and she had to score at least 900 points to win. Although she won the game, Lee Sung Kyung still generously threw lucky signed balls to the fans.


In the second round, Lee Sung Kyung had to successfully flip a bottle once to win, and the punishment involved doing the “I’m sorry for being cute” challenge. She sought help from the audience to perform the trendy gesture. For the third round, the “Piple Game” required her to survive for five seconds to win, or else she would have to take polaroid photos. In the end, Lee Sung Kyung gave away nine polaroids instead of three.

Message for Filipino Fans

The actress was deeply moved by the sincerity of her fans, especially after witnessing the fan project. As she concluded her fan meeting, she bid her farewell to the fans with a heartfelt message. Lee Sung Kyung expressed, “Filipino fans are the best at expressing love. When I receive those expressions from you guys, I feel extremely grateful. I love you guys.

Lee Sung Kyung also fulfilled fans’ requests by taking multiple group photos from every angle of the venue. She maintained her high energy level until the end of the fan meeting.

Before the hi-bye session for all ticket holders and other special perks, Lee Sung Kyung expressed her gratitude to the fans in Tagalog, saying, “Salamat po mag kita tayo sa susunod.”


Jonnie Ngo is an entertainment and lifestyle writer passionate about pop culture. She enjoys traveling and binge-watching both Korean dramas and Western shows.

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