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ENHYPEN Successfully Wraps Up ‘Fate’ World Tour in the New Clark City Stadium

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ENHYPEN fate tour new clark city pikachu

Kpop boyband ENHYPEN concluded their “Fate” world tour with a breathtaking performance in the Philippines, marking a splendid finale. The concert, held on February 3, 2024 at the New Clark City Stadium in Capas, Tarlac. The event captivated fans with its vibrant atmosphere, including a carnival-like setup outside the venue and a fireworks display.

enhypen fate tour new clark city
Photo credits: BELIFTLAB

The Philippine leg served as the final destination following ENHYPEN’s journey across Japan, the US, Taiwan, and Macau. The tour is a total of 21 shows in 13 cities worldwide, drew an impressive crowd of 327,000 ENGENEs.

Approximately 25,000 enthusiasts gathered at the New Clark City Stadium, eagerly participating in pre-show activities within the ENtertainment Zone. This area offered various attractions, including rides like the Ferris wheel and flying fiesta, alongside food stalls and fan club booths.

During the concert, ENHYPEN made history as the first K-pop act to grace the New Clark City Stadium stage, adorned with massive LED screens and moving carts to bring the members closer to their crowd. The setlist featured of their popular tracks, including ‘TFW (That Feeling When),’ ‘Polaroid Love,’ and ‘Shout Out.’

“It’s been a year since we saw one another since the ‘Manifesto’ tour. Bumalik kami para sa iyo ” Jay

“Since this is the final stop of the ‘Fate’ tour, both the ENGENEs and seven of us are overflowing with so much energy. Looking at all of these (fan projects), it’s like i dont want the concert to end. So as ENHYPEN, we will do our best to return.”


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The seven-member showcased their skills, seamlessly executing synchronized dance routines in songs such as ‘Drunk-Dazed’ and ‘Blockbuster’, while delivering electrifying performances of tracks like ‘Blessed-Cursed’ and ‘Go Big or Go Home’. They also brought a fresh and a youthful performance with their tracks, ‘Attention, please!’ and ‘Tamed-Dashed’, as well as a mystic atmosphere inSweet Venom,” “Bite Me.” and “CRIMINAL LOVE”.

“All your cheers gave us so much energy. ENGENEs all your cheers makes us feel like this might be the power of fate. We officially end our Asia tour tonight. Last year we started from Seoul, to USA, Japan, Asia tour” Jake

“Actually, coming back to the Philippines was really, really something I was really looking forward to. We’ll be back very soon with performances. Please wait for us, promise? Mahal kita ” Heeseung

@buzzsetter Jungwon's reaction to Engenes suprising him with a sea of blue roses for his birthday #enhypen #fate_in_newclarkcitystadium #fateinphilippines #engene #jake #fateintarlac #jay #niki #sunoo #jungwon #heeseung #fyp #kpop ♬ original sound – Buzzsetter

The boyband also sang “Just A Little Bit,” “’10 Months,” “Go Big or Go Home,’ ‘Chaconne,’ “Bills,” “One In A Billion” and “Karma.”

Highlights moments from the evening are Sunoo delivering a rendition of “Moving Closer,” Jake’s performance of “Love Yourself,” Heeseung singing “Give Me Your Forever,” Ni-Ki’s dance cover of “Like This,” and Sunghoon showcasing his moves with “Gento” by SB19.

@buzzsetter Park Sunghoon dancing gento #enhypen #fate_in_newclarkcitystadium #fateinphilippines #engene #fateintarlac #sunghoon #fyp #kpop ♬ original sound – Buzzsetter

Additionally, the concert featured interactions with Pikachu mascots during their performance of “One and Only,” along with a heartfelt rendition of “Happy Birthday” dedicated to Jungwon with a sea of blue roses. The group expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support from fans, promising to return with even more impressive performances.

ENHYPEN took a moment to reflect on the tour and express their deep gratitude to their fans.

“The more time passes, the more that I start to believe that ENGENEs and ENHYPEN, meeting each other out of literally billions of people, was fate” Sunghoon

“We’ll continue to do our best so that our relations will last forever. We did our best today but what makes today perfect is all of you guys. To be back here after a year, I’ve been trying to show better performances. A concert at a stadium is not easy for all of us, but we thank you for making all your efforts come this far. And tonight was very special to us because the stage was made possible by ENGENEs . With ENGENEs on our back, we will never get tired. This is how we promise every time. We’ll continue to strive harder as we would like to be the proudest and luckiest seven for all of you.” JAY


“Now we are at the end of our second world tour ‘Fate.’ I really cannot believe this is happening. Yesterday during the rehearsals, I said the venue was so big. Thank you so much and I’m happy that we are able to end this way. Next time we meet, we will come back with our better selves. Mahal na mahal kita! Salamat po!” Sunoo

@buzzsetter ENHYPEN performing "Sweet Venom" during their 'FATE' Tour Concert in New Clark City #ENHYPEN #엔하이픈 #EN_WORLDTOUR_FATE #FATE_IN_ASIA #FATE_IN_NEWCLARK_CITY #JAKE #HEESEUNG #JUNGWON #JAY #NI_KI #SUNOO #SUNGHOON #fyp #kpop ♬ Sweet Venom – ENHYPEN

“When we first started our ‘Fate’ tour in Seoul, every time we meet ENGENEs from parts of the world, I can truly say we have grown more this year than last year. We’ll continue to grow next year so please be with us. There’s nothing more we could wish for but ENGENEs be by our side all the time. ENGENEs, please stay with us until the end. Pinky promise? See you soon?” jUNGWON

“Actually, we still have one encore concert in Seoul but the ‘Fate’ tour’s official last stop is here in the Philippines. Thank you because the ending of the ‘Fate’ tour is with all of you, our ENGENEs, here in the New Clark City Stadium. Us ENHYPEN will try best so we can come back to this stadium” Sunghoon

“I’m just so happy that we saved the best for last. Ending the ‘Fate’ tour with such an amazing audience with amazing people. From the bottom of my heart, I truly cherish you guys” Jake

ENHYPEN fate tour new clark city 2024
Photo credits: BELIFTLAB

“Finally we’re here at New Clark City Stadium. This is all made possible by our cute, cute ENGENEs. I’m always thankful to you guys for making big result and making big, big noise for our album and music, stages. Please go to Weverse and tell us what you’re doing. Hopefully we will go back, REALLY soon. The next album is gonna be CRAZY. ” Heeseung

“To show my love to ENGENEs, I showed my best performance. We will see you again soon right? Stay healthy and see you again” Ni-ki.

As the “Fate” tour reached its end, ENHYPEN reflected on their incredible journey, pledging to continue evolving alongside their dedicated fanbase. Their performance of “Future Perfect (Pass the Mic)” served as a fitting finale, accompanied by a dazzling fireworks spectacle, leaving a lasting impression on all in attendance.

enhypen fate tour new clark city 2024

Throughout the tour, ENHYPEN members actively engaged with the audience, showcasing their skills by communicating in both English and Filipino. Their message of gratitude and commitment to their fans echoed their journey from debut under Belift Lab to becoming a global phenomenon.

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