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Enjoy Zero Sugar Drinks for a Healthier You

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Maintaining excellent health and adopting a healthy lifestyle have long been important aspirations for many Filipinos. In addition to eating well-balanced meals and getting regular exercise, people search for healthier food options that let them still enjoy their favorite dishes without sacrificing flavor.


Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI) has introduced zero-sugar beverages for consumers to enjoy in an effort to boost the health-conscious journey of Filipinos. Among these are the new Pepsi Zero Sugar Lime, Gatorade No Sugar, Mountain Dew Zero Sugar, and 7Up Zero Sugar.

PCPPI recognizes the need for healthier beverage options. Our zero sugar drinks help customers make more mindful choices, especially with the food and drinks they consume. By taking these small steps, we are optimistic that customers in the Philippines will be able to enjoy refreshing, delicious drinks without compromising their health

PCPPI Chief Commercial Officer Lyndon Cuadra

Without a doubt, Gatorade No Sugar is the preferred beverage for people who lead active lives. Not only is it sugar-free, but it contains no calories. It may help to stay well hydrated to carry a bottle of Gatorade No Sugar with you every day, especially in the humid weather of the Philippines.

Every sip of Mountain Dew Zero Sugar awakens a familiar, powerful taste with a jolt. Without the added sugar, it offers the same daring spirit of adventure and thrilling charge as the original Mountain Dew.


7Up Zero Sugar has the same authentic lemon-lime flavor that has been enjoyed for generations, making it the ideal beverage to pair with food.

Quench your thirst with these pleasant and energetic zero-sugar beverages, which are available in retailers nationwide! Introducing PEPSI ZERO SUGAR LIME, a bold and unique beverage that features Dony Pangilinan as the face of the flavor revolution.


As Pepsi unveils its newest innovation, the New Pepsi Zero Sugar Lime, you may quench your thirst in a unique way. It tastes bold and authentic. This intriguing new Pepsi offering ups the ante on your soda experience with a hint of tart lime. The captivating actor and influencer Donny Pangilinan personifies the audacious and unique spirit of the new Pepsi Zero Sugar Lime.

Pepsi Zero Sugar Lime’s guilt-free enjoyment is what sets it apart. This beverage has every flavor without adding any sugar. However, it’s also about what it adds, not just what it doesn’t have. Its delightful lime swirl adds a zesty twist and a lively, fruity, and savory profile that will quickly become a favorite.

Pepsi invites you to join the revolution in order to enhance the flavor of the mixture. Use the hashtags #PepsiMasMasarapMaiba and #PepsiZeroSugarLime to share your daring and unique moments with Pepsi Zero Sugar Lime. Let everyone know that your taste buds have advanced into the flavor of the future, whether you’re drinking it at a party or using it in your regular diet.


All set to embrace the revolution in flavors? Leading supermarkets and PepsiCo’s official online stores are now selling 320ml cans of Pepsi Zero Sugar Lime. Try it instead of just drinking it to get the distinct and strong flavor that Donny Pangilinan loves. Get your Pepsi Zero Sugar Lime now to up your soda game!

Well-known beverage brands include Pepsi-Cola, Mountain Dew, 7Up, Mirinda, Mug, Gatorade, Tropicana, Lipton, Sting, Premier Purified Water, Milkis, and Chum Churum Soonhari are exclusively manufactured and distributed across the nation by PCPPI. You may get more details at


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