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Eunpyeong Hanok Village: Must-See Hanok Village In Korea





Everyone knows about the beautiful Hanok houses in Bukchon Hanok Village, but have you heard of Eunpyeong Hanok Village? Residents of Bukchon want to limit the number of tourists coming in and out of their area so they can enjoy it more as a residential area.

Image Courtesy: VisitSeoul.Net

This village is part of a bigger plan for Eunpyeong-gu to attract more tourists. They are working on six new project ideas, and this is one of them. Eunpyeong-gu wants to be the best place to learn about Korean culture. You might think that Bukchon and Jongno had that covered, but ladies and gentlemen, Eunpyeong-gu is making moves.

Image Courtesy: VisitSeoul.Net

Some of the Hanoks are used as homes, but the people who live there know what they’re getting into. There will be 158 Hanoks when all is said and done. Some Hanoks will be open to the public so that people can live in them, make traditional crafts, and do other things.

Image Courtesy: VisitSeoul.Net

Here are some of the best things to see and do in the area if you go there.


1인1상: The first floor of this cafe looks like any other cafe, but if you go up to the top floor, you’ll find more traditional seating and an outdoor area where you can walk out and see a beautiful view of the Hanok village. Even if it’s too hot or cold to sit outside, you can still see the great view through all seats’ big windows. In the middle of the afternoon, you can’t go up to the viewing area on the second floor, but if you smile, they might let you up. To get to the second floor, you have to leave the building and walk around to the elevator’s side.

Bukhansan Atelier korea
Image Courtesy: Korea Dramaland

The Bukhansan Atelier is another beautiful cafe with a lot of room. With seating on the deck and different floors, you can choose to sit under a tall chandelier or among the many plants on the deck. Get there a little early to get a coffee and a ready treat. This is a great place to eat breakfast or brunch before walking. This cafe isn’t as traditional as others in the area, but it still has a nice atmosphere and some cool places to sit.

Where to Go

Jingwan Temple

Jingwansa Temple is just up a well-marked road. It’s an easy walk for people who don’t like to hike, and those with kids can bring a stroller. It is one of Seoul’s four most important temples. Bulamsa, Sammaksa, and Seunggasa are the names of the other three. In 1010 BC, King Hyeongjong, the 8th King of the Goryeo Dynasty, gave this temple to Preceptor Jingwan as a gift. During the Korean War, the temple was destroyed, but over the past fifty years, it has been fixed up and rebuilt.

jingwansa temple korea
Image courtesy: koreaatrack

This is the only temple in Seoul that holds Suryukje, a Buddhist ceremony to feed wandering spirits and hungry demons with food and Buddhist teachings. Every 49 days during a leap year, the ceremony takes place.

The temple also has a program for people who want to learn more about Korean Buddhism and stay at the temple. There is a relaxing, meditative type of program that is great for adults and families.

Museums and things to do

The Eunpyeong History & Hanok Museum is a three-story building that stands out in the area. There is a toy library, pond, and a place to rest on the first floor. You can learn more about the area’s cultural history on the second floor in the history hall and library. On the third floor, you can see special exhibits and Hanoks. There are things to look at outside and on the roof as well. Adults pay W1,000, and children spend W500.

Image Courtesy: VisitSeoul.Net

More Info About Eunpyeong Hanok Village

Location: 127-27 Jingwan-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul (서울 은평구 진관동 127-27)

By subway or bus: Take bus 701 north of Seoul Station. The bus makes 23 stops and takes about 41 minutes to get to Eunpyeong Hanok Village, right in front of where it stops. OR Go out of Gupabal Station’s Exit 4 and walk to Bus Stop 12112 to catch Bus 7723. The bus stops right in front of Eunpyeong Hanok Village after 7 stops and about 10 minutes.

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