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Chanyeol Takes Manila by Storm with A Sold-Out Fan Meeting with Ever Bilena

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chanyeol fanmeeting ever bilena

Chanyeol, the beloved K-pop sensation and Ever Bilena’s first male brand ambassador, made his mark with his first solo fan meeting in Manila last October 1, 2023, at the PICC Plenary Hall. With a sold-out venue, electrifying performances, heartwarming moments, and memorable interactions, the event left EXO-Ls and Yeolmaes in awe for their Cherry Prince.

Chanyeol didn’t disappoint as he took to the stage with his signature charisma. He opened his fan meeting with “Nothin”, barely audible from the loud screams and singing of his fans. Later on the idol revealed that originally he wasn’t requested to sing that night. “How was it? Originally, I was not requested to sing, actually. I was the one who volunteered to sing,” he said, making the crowd gush from his sincerity and love for his fans. 

chanyeol fanmeeting in manila

“Mabuhay Philippines! Kamusta kayong lahat? Magandang gabi,” he greeted everyone in Filipino. “Long time no see! I am happy to be here, I miss you guys so much,” Chanyeol added before proceeding to the next stage segment.

Ever Bilena’s First Male Brand Ambassador

Chanyeol’s partnership with Ever Bilena is a significant milestone not only for the brand but also for the idol. He said that this is also his first time to be a solo ambassador for a cosmetics brand. As Ever Bilena’s first male brand ambassador, Chanyeol is breaking barriers and redefining beauty standards, sending a powerful message of inclusivity and self-expression.

When asked about how he feels to be Ever Bilena’s first male ambassador, he said, “As far as I know, as far as everyone knows, Ever Bilena is top 1 cosmetics products here in the Philippines, right? And it’s a great honor for me to be the very first male ambassador of Ever Bilena.”

In the next segment, they showed some videos during Chanyeol’s shoot with Ever Bilena. When asked for any TMI from this shoot, he said, “Actually, it has been a while since we shot this video so my memories have been fading. But I remember that I had a very very beautiful product that I put on my lips.” 


He was, of course, talking about the Ever Bilena Plus Serum Tinted Lip Balm, also his favorite product from the line–which he candidly applied on stage. 

“I would say my favorite is the Serum Tinted Lip Balm. There’s a reason behind that. To be honest all the products are really good, but this lip balm is very very moist. And it’s really compact and light, and its small size makes it comfortable to carry around. Originally my lips were very dry. But I just put this product on my lips, and it becomes well moisturized. Really!”

After saying his tagline “Ever Bilena, Beauty for Everyone” several times, the fancon emcee Denise Laurel asked Chanyeol when are his fans the most beautiful.

“Always,” he said. “Now, yesterday, everyday, every time, always,” Chanyeol followed with full conviction. 

Games + Art + Filipino Song with Mister Fan Service King

Chanyeol engaged with fans through a Q&A session, playing Filipino-themed games (sipa, Filipino tongue twister challenge, and Filipino Guess List), and designing Ever Bilena boxes which were later on given to lucky fans from the audience. He was very game and enthusiastic throughout all the activities, saying the games were all exciting. The personal touch and genuine connection he shared with the audience left a lasting impression. 

chanyeol fan meeting in manila 2

Chanyeol expressing his genuine excitement to be in the Philippines. When asked about what he was most looking forward to, he shared, “I was really looking forward to today because it is my first time to see this many Filipinos by myself, solo. So I am very excited for today, and I am very happy.”

Chanyeol’s surprise and gratitude were palpable when questioned about becoming the brand ambassador for Ever Bilena. He reflected, “I was really surprised because I was able to realize how much love the Filipino fans still have for me. And I have a lot of excitement having this partnership together with Ever Bilena. I had it in my heart that I wanted to do my best.”


The Proposal Moment:

The evening took an unexpected turn when a fan bravely popped the question, “Will you marry me?” Chanyeol, in good spirits, responded with a playful, “Yes! When? Today? Okay! Sings wedding march.”

Musical Gift to PH EXO-Ls

One of the highlights of the night was when Chanyeol showcased his musical talents by playing the Filipino song “Hawak Kamay” on his guitar. Describing it as a small gift for his PH EXO-Ls and Yeolmaes, he encouraged everyone to sing along, creating a heartfelt and unforgettable moment.

One of the highlights of the evening was when Chanyeol showcased his musical talents by playing the Filipino song “Hawak Kamay” on his guitar, saying that it is his small gift for PH EXO-Ls and Yeolmaes. 

“It’s been a long time since I last visited the Philippines, I think it will be regretful if I just leave the Philippines like this. So I have a very small gift for you guys. So with one heart, let’s sing this song together.” It was a touching moment when the idol and the whole PICC sang along with him a song that translates to say that they will always be together, for a very long time, even in a world with no guarantees.


Fan Video + Same Day Edit + Touching Ending Ment

Before the event officially ended, they showed a touching fan-made video and a surprise fan-light project that read “LOVE PCY” from the audience. You can see how the idol was genuinely happy, listening and reacting with a big smile on his face, constantly bowing to express his gratitude. Ever Bilena even prepared an impressive Same-Day Edit video of what just transpired during the whole fan conference.

His ending message was a testament that the fan conference was a time well spent for everyone. It was a long message that you can feel straight to the heart, and worth sharing here for all the EXO-Ls and Yeolmaes to remember forever:

“Not just one, but I have so many things that I want to say. I have mixed emotions right now, very many emotions. The biggest feeling that I have right now is that I want to live a better life from now on. I am just an ordinary person like you.. or am I not? Am I an alien? While watching this video, you made me realize that my existence itself gives you a lot of strength. So I had this determination that I cannot live without trying my best, or trying harder. Also the other side, I could also say, that the only reason I have to be on the stage, to do any of these things that I am doing is because of you. So today we had this very precious time in the Philippines together with Ever Bilena. So to all the EXO-Ls that are here tonight, and all the EXO-L all around the world, our Cherries, for all of you, I will really do my best, I will really work harder to be your pride. Because you guys are my pride. It’s really my honest reflection of tonight. I really feel and I really know, wherever you are all around the world really support me a lot. So I will really want to be this great person, great artist that could give you happiness and satisfaction. I am really over joyed tonight. I am extremely happy tonight. I think this is becoming longer, but I want to say one more thing. The video sketch that we watched just right now, the summary of tonight, while watching the video I was able to see how I look like tonight and I really saw how happy I was. And that’s all thanks to you guys. To the EXO-L and to everyone here tonight that made me really happy, I am really thankful. And I also sincerely very grateful to Ever Bilena for making this night special for me. So I would really say that this is the best night I ever had. Thank you so much!”

Fans left the event with their hearts full and a deeper connection to their idol, eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to celebrate the magic of Chanyeol. Come back soon, Chanyeol! Your Filipino fans love you!

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