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EXO’s Suho and Director Kim Shares Insights about Netflix Korean Drama “Behind Your Touch” During the Press Conference

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behind your touch press conference

At a recent press conference for the highly anticipated Netflix Korean drama “Behind Your Touch,” lead actor Suho and director Kim Seok-yoon discussed their thoughts and experiences working on this one-of-a-kind series, which will debut on August 12.

netflix behind your touch korean drama

The plot of “Behind Your Touch” revolves around Bong Ye-bun, portrayed by the gifted Han Ji Min, a veterinarian with an extraordinary ability to see the past of anyone or anything she touches. When she meets Detective Moon Jang-yeol, portrayed by Lee Min Ki, their collaboration on trivial cases takes an unexpected turn when a series of serial homicides shakes the once-calm village of Mujin. Suho, whose actual name is Kim Jun-myeon, has joined the ensemble as Kim Sun-woo, a mysterious convenience store employee.

Suho, who is known for his openness and quick wit in real life, discussed the difficulties of playing the mysterious Kim Sun-woo. He shared, “In real life, I talk quickly and I am very transparent. I cannot really conceal my emotions. So because Sun-woo is someone who is a little bit of an enigma, in order to portray him, I had to deliberately speak a little bit slower, walk slower, even breathe and just move slower than how I would normally.”

Suho took his dedication to the character to a new level in order to prepare for his role. “I went around different convenience stores around where I live and tried to observe each one because they’re each a little bit different. So I tried to grasp the… tone of convenience stores,” he explained. “I stayed there for quite a long time, pretending to decide what to buy,” he added.

behind your touch suho press con

The 32-year-old artist expressed his gratitude for being a part of “Behind Your Touch” and his excitement for working with director Kim Seok-yoon. Suho stated that reading the script captivated him and compelled him to revisit the character of Sun-woo frequently. “I got very curious about who Sun-woo is, and as I read more scripts, I wanted to go back to the first episode and read it again to figure out who this guy really is because he’s very mysterious,” he recounted. “I was reeled in by the script, and I really wanted to take on this role. So I was really happy to be part of this show.”

suho behind your touch press conference

Director Kim Seok-yoon echoed Suho’s acclaim, complimenting his flawless portrayal of the character. “I didn’t have many candidates for this role because this had to be a very beautiful man, someone who would win the heart of Ye-bun over with one single glance, so I thought that Suho was the perfect actor,” Kim said.

With its unique combination of comedy, intrigue, and an intriguing supernatural aspect, “Behind Your Touch” aims to enchant viewers. With a talented cast led by Suho, Han Ji Min, and Lee Min Ki, and under the direction of Kim Seok-yoon, this Netflix Korean drama is expected to be a must-watch when it debuts on August 12.

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