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‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ star Park Eun Bin Reunites with Filipino Fans during Aromagicare Fan Meeting

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park eun bin manila

Less than a year since her first Manila fan meeting, Kdrama actress Park Eun Bin went back to Manila last June 24, 2023 to make new memories with her PH BINGO at the New Frontier Theater in Cubao. This time, the actress and Daesang awardee returns as Filipino therapy oil brand Aromagicare’s first Korean endorser.

park eun bin manila
Photo by Ana Gonzales

The night started on a high note as Park Eun Bin entered the stage with a bright performance of the hit Kpop song Cupid by the girl group Fifty Fifty. She also welcomed her audience by showcasing Filipino words she had up her sleeves, such as “Mahal ko kayo!”, Mabuhay!”, and even “Bongga!”. It’s hard not to love this charming star!

park eun bin manila
Photo credits: Rinna Leong

“I am so happy today because I can see all of you. I missed the energy of Filipino fans! Let’s make good memories again together,” Park Eun Bin said.

When host Denise Laurel asked the actress about her first impression of her PH BINGO, the actress replied in between screams, “Actually, I am worried about your voices! Are you guys okay?” To which the enthusiastic fans screamed “Yes!” even more loudly!

Well-Loved Actress Park Eun Bin

Park Eun Bin admitted that getting love from international fans, and not just Korean fans, is the best part of being an actress. It is reaching corners of the world, regardless of differences in language and culture. And what are the challenges of being one? “It is digesting everyone’s love,” the humble actress responded, showing how grateful she is for all the love she’s been receiving because of her craft.

To prove her love to her supporters, she also asked what roles they want to see from her next, adding that “what you want, is what I want too”. The crowd responded with doctor or Kpop idol roles, and Park Eun Bin said she’s taking notes. We’re all looking forward to that already!

In between her hectic schedule, Park Eun Bin said that she relaxes by using Aromagicare. Regardless of her recent endorsement deal with the brand, the actress said that she truly loved the products. “Very cool, very relaxing,” she added.


Fast Talk with Park Eun Bin

In a fast talk segment where Park Eun Bin has to choose only one answer as fast as she can, the actress revealed that she would rather sleep all day than eat in a buffet, have just one best friend than multiple besties, chill during the winter than sweat in the summer, and travel around the world for free for 5 years than have a fully paid house in a year. “House is not important, right?!” the charming actress quipped in between giggles!

park eun bin fan meeting recap manila
Photo by Ana Gonzales

She also chose to hiccup nonstop for 10 minutes rather than burp nonstop, “Because it will only be difficult for me.” When asked to choose if she would rather have a low battery phone or have no internet? The actress was quick to respond, “No internet! I get nervous when I have low battery, but when I have no internet it’s okay. No internet does not mean no signal, right?”

The actress also admitted she would prefer to hangout with her future self than her past self, because she can learn from her future self more. But would she rather fly or be invisible? The introverted actress replied, “Invisible! If I can fly, then a lot of people will be looking at me. When I am invisible, I would like to go where people talk about me. I want to check what they’re saying about me!”

Bin There, Done That

In the next segment, they showed different moments in Park Eun Bin’s career, where the actress shared a bit of TMI. First, of course was the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards when Park Eun Bin was announced as the Daesang awardee.

“Everyone, I won!” the actress said over the mic. “I can’t believe this will happen in my life! I really enjoyed that moment, but I am more happy with your support and reactions.”

The host then requested the whole New Frontier Theater to give the actress a much-deserved standing ovation for an award she worked hard for since she was 5 years old. It was a magical moment wherein everyone stood to their feet and cheered as loud as they could for the hardworking and passionate actress.

Aside from this, they also showed some behind the scene clips from Park Eun Bin’s past Kdrama filming, including King’s Affection, Do You Like Brahms?, and Extraordinary Attorney Woo.


They ended the segment by finally showcasing Park Eun Bin’s full Aromagicare ad.

Art Attack & Games Galore

After getting to know the actress even more through the Q&As, it’s time to get crafty! In the segment Art Eun Bin, the actress worked on different arts and crafts on-the-spot, which she also gave away to her lucky fans present that day. Some of these include a beautiful floral arrangement, beaded bracelet, and painted and signed totes and shirts.

After getting her hands dirty, it’s game time! You can really see how the actress loves interacting with her fans during this part of the show. She played non-stop with different sets of participating audience members, accommodating photo opportunities on stage, and giving her all to make the games even more fun and memorable!

With full energy and enthusiasm throughout, some of the games Park Eun Bin played that night include cups stacking, shooting cups, bottle flips, and puzzles. An adorable moment in between the games was when a familiar Kpop song plays in the background, the actress stepped out to the center of the stage and adorably danced the song’s choreo!

Park Eun Bin’s Grand Prize

Like in most fan meetings, you will know that the show is about to end when the artist requests for a group photo with everyone. And as always, they showed a heartwarming fan-made video for Park Eun Bin so she can truly feel how much she is loved by her Filipino fans.

park eun bin fan meeting recap manila 3
Photo by Ana Gonzales

But something that we don’t usually see in fan meetings, the actress held on to her mic while watching the video project. Then she mentioned and thanked each and every single name flashed on screen, everyone who participated in the video were acknowledged. What a beautiful soul; it truly felt nice to be a fan of someone who appreciates you.

“The people who supported me are also the grand prize in my heart,” she said. “Last October, I cried so much because of your fan project video. I almost cried again tonight, but I am stopping myself so I can show more of my smile to you. Thank you PH BINGOs for giving me your love,” she added.


Park Eun Bin closed the stage by singing MYMP’s Especially for You, and with this heartwarming message:

“Thank you so much guys! I am very very happy! Thank you for coming tonight! Thank you to the fans and Aromagicare. I have a new project soon, please support it. And after that, I hope I can go back here in Manila soon!”