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FABRIKA VILLAS: Pet-Friendly Camper Van Staycation In Pampanga

We always wanted to try a camper van staycation in the Philippines, and we found one in Pampanga! What makes this camper van staycation special is that it has additional Bali and rustic vibes to go along with it.

FABRIKA VILLAS has the best of both worlds. The best part is that its only also pet-friendly mean dogs are allowed in the property, dining area and inside the camper van! Children of all ages are also allowed in this resort including PWDS and Senior Citizens.

FABRIKA VILLAS is located in Pampanga, and it was an old factory that has been converted into the newest hidden gem in Pampanga. The moment you enter the area, you will be greeted by the Fabrika Dining Villas, where it’s a restaurant with a glorious view of the pond. The entire furniture is made from wood from the tables and chairs. They have a mini fountain that shoots water in the middle of the pond during the day.

Once you enter the property, guests will notice a swimming pool and two bonfires. Bonfire usually starts at around 7 PM every night if a guest requests it. The hidden camper van is inside a room where the camper van is located in. The entire space is filled with plants, a small mini pond, and a swimming pool.

A soft wooden bed and table are next to the bathroom. The bathroom itself comes complete with two towels with a toothbrush, soap, and shampoo. Hot and cold and shower is also available. The best part is the window that opens to a view of the swimming pool and the camper van.

The camper fan comes fully equipped with a fridge and bed. It also comes with a TV to watch Netflix or listen to their music playlist. If you’re not in the mood to watch Netflix, you can go online and use the free WiFi available to all the guests at Fabrika Villas.

One of the reasons why this staycation is memorable is that you can either request a Filipino breakfast or Bali floating breakfast. We chose the Bali floating breakfast, where the floating breakfast will be placed in your private swimming pool. We also loved that the resort is pet-friendly, where small and big dogs are allowed. Guests can bring their dogs around for a walk outside or inside the resort.

You won’t run out of places to take the perfect IG-Worthy photo, whether it’s in the camper van, swimming pool, or even by the pond. Guests can also borrow the bikes on the property and go for a ride around the resort. The resort has many villas, but we recommend the Camper Van staycation since it’s perfect for an IG-Worthy photo.


Acacia villas can each accommodate 2 guests. They cost P7,000 (~USD141.02) per night from Monday to Thursday. During the weekends, It would cost P7,500 (~USD151.09) from Friday to Sunday.

If you intend to bring a big group of people, you can also book all the courtyard villas, the Acacia villas, or the entire Fabrika Villas.



Location: Guagua, Central Luzon, Philippines 2003 Guagua, Philippines

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: 0998 555 1994

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Buzzsetter updates you about the latest trends, food, travel, and entertainment. We love to share the latest buzz that you can share with your friends. Keep the BUZZ alive!

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