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Filipino Boy band HORI7ON releases tracklist for 21 tracks of debut album ‘Friend-SHIP’

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HORI7ON debut album tracklist

HORI7ON will debut with a full-length album of epic proportions.

The group announced their debut full-length album, “Friend-SHIP” tracklist, on July 12 via their official social media sites.

According to the released tracklist, the upcoming album will contain 21 compositions. Their song’s title, SIX7EEN, is a play on words that combines SIX – a perfect hexagon – with TEENAGER, which represents bursting vitality. In addition, there are songs titled “Birthday,” “Death or Paradise,” ” (Teum), “Like a Fiction,” “Ready to Burn,” “Silhouette,” and “Cost” that are anticipated to demonstrate HORI7ON’s distinctive musical style.

hori7on tracklist friend-ship

The b-side tracks “How You Feel,” “Bonnie & Clyde,” and “Light Way,” in particular, will be setting off synergy because they include labelmates Haeun of Lapillus and Leo and Noa of TFN. Jeromy and Marcus of HORI7ON are rumored to sing in Korean on “How You Feel,” one of these compositions, demonstrating their affinity for the Korean language. The solo compositions on this album showcase the individual appeal of each band member.

HORI7ON debut album

In addition, the b-side track “MAMA” is a recreation of the members’ letters to their mothers, conveying their affection and love for their mothers. The song intends to bring to the listeners the sentiments of longing as the members progress onto the international stage.

HORI7ON Tracklist

The album “Friend-SHIP” marks HORI7ON’s first voyage to Korea. As they debut as a world pop group, the group, formed from a Philippines-Korea collaboration survival program called “Dream Maker,” intends to share their accumulated ambitions and hopes.

HORI7ON is currently promoting its debut in a variety of ways. In addition, they released a documentary entitled “100 DAYS MIRACLE” that captured the 100-day voyage. This program has won fans’ hearts and attention worldwide since its premiere on July 7 of last year. The public is now looking forward to the upcoming days when HORI7ON will make its début.

The track “Friend-SHIP” by HORI7ON, which will pave a new path for world pop, is expected to be released on various music platforms on July 24 at 6 pm (KST).


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