FRIEND ZONE THAI MOVIE: Reasons Why Every Girl Should Have A Guy Best Friend

Friends come in all lovable shades, shapes, and sizes, and it’s only natural that feelings for one of your besties may develop into something more. When those feelings aren’t reciprocated, we call that FRIEND ZONE.

Let me introduce to you guys this popular Thai Movie, FRIEND ZONE, which was first released last 2019 Valentine’s Day. It’s one of the Top 10 most-watched shows and movies on Netflix, Philippines.


In this world, there are many people who seem to be wandering along a relationship border-lining ‘friends’ and ‘lovers’. This borderline is also commonly known as the FRIEND ZONE. It is a special area for those who are stuck in the middle where they cannot really stay friends with their close friends, nor move forward to be their friends’ lovers. Palm (Naphat Siangsomboon) is one of those who has been stuck in the friend zone with his best friend, Gink (Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul), for 10 years. During high school, he tried to cross the line by confessing his feelings for her. But Gink simply rejected him, saying that “being friends is good enough.” Since then, Palm and Gink have grown closer as true best friends. Every time Palm breaks up with any of his countless girlfriends, Gink will tell him off, talking some sense into him. And every time Gink fights with her boyfriend, no matter where she happens to be in Myanmar, Malaysia, or Hong Kong. All she has to do is make a call to Palm, who uses his perks as a flight attendant to catch flights to be with her. Perhaps, it is because of his excessive kindness that also makes Gink has a problem with Ted (Jason Young) her boyfriend. One day, Gink asks Palm out of the blue, “Have you wondered – what if we were an item?” Right then, sparks fly wildly inside Palm’s mind, knowing that this might be the only chance for him to cross the borderline. Although, Palm has no way of knowing if leaving the FRIEND ZONE this time will lead him to the beginning of his romantic love life or to the end of his friendship with Gink for good.

Reasons why a girl should have a Guy Best friend:

You always have a partner in crime

 Your friend will always have your back and not hold your quirks against you because they’re just as strange as you are.

There’s always a shoulder to cry on

Having someone there who wants to connect with you on a deep level without having to worry about whether or not he’s plotting to make a move makes anyone breathe easier.

You don’t have to worry about awkward affection

You’ll never have to read between the lines when he puts his arm around you, and you don’t have to be concerned with giving each other bear hugs because you love each other only as friends. 

He will be your most reliable source when it comes to decoding other guys

Well, when you’re friend with a man, your tortures come to an end because he is the one who gives you a fresh perspective on the way all other guys think. Your best friend of the opposite sex is a person who will tell you everything you’ve always wanted to know about men and this knowledge can home in handy when it comes to your romantic relationships.

He will protect you

He is the best person to take care of you when you get your heart broken and you’ll always have someone to lift your spirit up whenever you’re feeling down.

Always there for you no matter what

Your male best friend is a person you can count on, no matter the circumstances. He is the best person you can call in the middle of the night and expect him to show up.

He genuinely likes you for your awesome personality

Your relationship with your guy best friend has an inherent level of depth because it has nothing to do with physical attraction or appearance. He genuinely loves you because of your character.

You can be disgusting in front of each other

With this understanding of mutual un-attraction, we are free to do gross things, like burp and fart and talk with our mouths filled to the brim.

Experience new adventures together

He’ll makes sure that both of you will make memories that don’t include being bothered with whether or not he’ll hold your hand at the end of the night.

You can be emotionally vulnerable

Unlike just having someone whose shoulder you can cry on, having a male friend who you can be emotionally vulnerable with has serious benefits. This is especially advantageous for those that find it difficult to open up to their romantic partners. 

Arguments are resolved more easily

Why friends are more easily forgiven than lovers is a question that doesn’t have a simple answer. Still, in many ways, your friends may know more about you than your lover, so being friend-zoned can mean that you’re closer to that person and are more ready to forgive and be forgiven after a fight.

Friendship breakups are the worst

It hurts because you really care about that person. When you lose them, your heart still cares and you are sad because things will never go back to how they were.

There’s Always The Possibility For More

You’re thinking that we’ve spent this whole time going over why being friend zoned without the possibility of a relationship is a good thing, only to say that being open to a romantic connection is a benefit. The difference is not waiting for the friendship to evolve into something amorous, but earnestly focusing on growing as a individual and connecting with loved ones. 



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2 thoughts on “FRIEND ZONE THAI MOVIE: Reasons Why Every Girl Should Have A Guy Best Friend

  • August 23, 2020 at 8:49 am

    Sobrang nkakakilig na may sakit panuorin 😭🥰💙💙💙 sarap ulit ulitin nito kyah.. salamat for sharing this.. Super Love ko po talaga mga Vlog Mo Kuya.. Kaya dapat Full support lagi for You


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