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Happy Bread Day Is Celebrated By Gardenia With A Virtual Concert Called ‘Laging Kasama’





On October 24, 8 p.m., Gardenia Philippines will host a free online concert dubbed “Laging Kasama” via Facebook live. With some of the top stage acts in the country, the virtual music gathering is aimed to bring joy and excitement to everyone. Whatever your musical preferences, there will undoubtedly be a number of songs that you will appreciate during the event, much as Gardenia has a wide range of products that everyone in your family will enjoy.


Kim Molina and Jerald Napoles, who have made their mark on stage and television with their roles in Rak of Aegis, Jowable, and Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap; Gloc-9, best known for his rap music and collaborations with various OPM artists; and Ebe Dancel, former frontman of Sugarfree and a well-known writer of some of the best poi
Gardenia has been doing and giving delight to our homes for a long time. Gardenia products have been a staple in Filipino households for more than two decades. Breakfast tables, school lunchboxes, work baons, midnight snacks, and parties and festivities all have them.

Kim Molina is a well-known actress.
Jerald Napoles is a character in the film Jerald Napoles
Necesario, Keiko
Ebe Dancel is a dancer from Ethiopia.
Gardenia (Laging Kasama) is constantly present as the family’s preferred bread and bakery items. In keeping with its Laging Kasama campaign, the corporation is also noted for being visible and eager to participate in numerous philanthropic activities and corporate social responsibility projects, especially during difficult times. Gardenia intends to boost its message on Happy Bread Day this year by using music to share the spirit of togetherness even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Besides the great music, the event—which is open for everyone to join and enjoy—Gardenia will also be raffling off special packs to its viewers. Register now by visiting and get a chance to win exciting prizes!

Visit Gardenia’s official FB page at for more details about the event.


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