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The New GCash App Can Make A Difference

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We were able to see the fascinating new “green” feature on the gcash app called Gcash Forest, which allows customers to plant virtual trees that will have real-life equivalents, on June 25, 2019 at The Eye, The Hotel at Green Sun Makati City. In collaboration with WWF, it hopes to help grow 365,000 trees in 365 days. Gcash Forest, hosted by Nico, Alex, and Will, is about making it easier, more comfortable, and even rewarding for everyone to care for our environment for future generations.

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Filipinos who wish to help save the environment may now do so by planting trees and increasing the country’s forest cover with the help of an innovative mobile phone app.

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According to the Forest Management Bureau (FMB), the Philippines loses 47,000 hectares of forest cover each year. The FMB also stated that 1.2 million hectares of forest areas must be rehabilitated by 2022 in order to minimize landslides, assure water availability, and protect biodiversity.

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“GCash is helping Filipinos to be more involved in responding to real-life challenges, like as climate change mitigation through reforestation, by offering an ideal platform for accessible financial goods and services.

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Cash considers GCash Forest as the last mile initiative that fully recognizes the emergence of an all-digital Filipino lifestyle.

GCash Forest collaborated with the DENR, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and the Biodiversity Finance Initiative to carry out its tree-planting activities (BIOFIN). The DENR will give land resources in the lpo Watershed, which is an important part of the watersheds system that supplies 98 percent of Metro Manila’s water. The WWF will give trees and people, while BIOFIN will provide monitoring skills.

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Recent findings on the Philippines’ vulnerability to climate-related risks, Thomas continued, demand for more collaborative action. According to the Global Peace Index 2019, the Philippines is the country most vulnerable to the negative consequences of climate change. GCash Forest hopes to assemble a coalition of individuals, non-governmental organizations, and international organizations to fulfill its 2020 goals by leveraging the GCash platform and scale.

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GCash users must acquire “green energy” by often using the app in order to plant trees through GCash Forest. Users who generate enough green energy can decide which tree species to plant in a specific section of the lpo watershed. Users will receive a certificate of ownership with a serial number, fascinating facts, and updates on the growth of their trees on their GCash apps once the trees have been physically planted. ”Many Filipinos, particularly the younger generation, are concerned about the environment, yet many do not know how to actively participate in environmental protection. This is a barrier that GCash Forest overcomes since all they need to do is use their smartphones, which are already a vital part of their daily lives,” Thomas said.

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The new feature was inspired by Alipay Ant Forest, a program run by Ant Financial, an Alibaba affiliate and parent company of Alipay, the world’s most popular payments and lifestyle platform. More than 500 million users have planted 100 million real trees and pushed a shared vision of sustainable and equitable development through the mobile platform.

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The GCash Forest shows digital technology holds a huge power to mobilize people. It pen up our technology and expertise to current and potential partners to make the world a better place.

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Before I end this post, Kristian and i are both happy cos we was able to catch up with Kuya Nico. It’s been a almost a year since the last time we’ve saw each other.

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