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Globe Debunks 5G Myths

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As the world adapts to the new normal, there are also concerted efforts to demonize technology and instill dread in the minds of the public.

These new technology will always be the target of nastyand unsubstantiated charges. 5G has been the subject of such accusations in recent weeks in several parts of the world, including the United States and Europe.

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In comparison to 4G, 5G wireless internet connectivity offers faster speeds, greater bandwidth, and more consistent internet connections.

Is 5G harmful to a person’s health? Is it having a negative impact on people’s health?

According to the WHO, there have been no documented negative health consequences from exposure to 5G or any other wireless technology to yet.

The Worldwide Commission on ICNIRP, the international authority in charge of defining limits to radiation exposure, claims that 5G is safe in a recent story published in the UK’s The Guardian.

Ionizing Radiation Protection

The ICNIRP is a German-based research organization that looks into the health effects of radio broadcasts. New rules for millimeter-wave 5G, the highest-frequency version of the telecoms standard, were requested. The standards being applied in the United States and eventually in Europe were upgraded further for added safety based on the ICNIRP norms.


According to the ICNIRP, the 5G wireless standard employs beam-foaming technology, which allows radiofrequency electromagnetic fields to be “focused to the region where it is needed,” rather than being dispersed over a vast area. This allows, for example, the same RF EMF frequencies to be broadcast to multiple users , increasing communication rates by eliminating the need to share the frequency range.

We realize segments of the community are anxious about the safety of 5G, and we hope the amended standards will put people at ease Dr. Eric van Rongen, chair of the ICNIRP

5G isn’t a health danger, according to the WHO and the ICNIRP, as long as overall exposure stays below international norms.

Local professionals have also expressed their thoughts on the topic. Dr. Gladys R. Cabrera, DOH Health Physicist IV, stated that the Department of Health has maintained that no study has established that cell sites cause cancer since 2001. “Cell sites have no negative side effects. “It’s completely safe,” she clarified.

In contrast to what many homeowners groups assume, a reputable oncologist, Dr. Johanna Caal, VP of the Philippine Radiology Oncology Society, reinforced this position when she stated that closeness to cell sites does not cause any known health problems.

5G is completely safe for the general public, and there is no evidence linking the epidemic to the technology.

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