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GOOTOPIA: First-Ever Slime Fun House In Manila!

Are you ready to go on a confusing journey? Go to Gootopia at your own risk, because this world is full of trouble. You will be forced to get slimed!





Are you ready to go on a confusing journey? Go to Gootopia at your own risk, because this world is full of trouble. You will be forced to get slimed! The only way to get out of Gootopia without getting hurt is to win the Great Gootopia Games. If you complete their challenges, you can choose not to get slimed (or get slimed anyway) and get their best reward: your own Slime Kit made in our Slime Lab!

gootopia slime tower challenge

Are you ready for a good time? Gootopia is a Fun House you can post on Instagram where you can make your own slime. You can make your own slime videos or even play with our glowing goo in the dark.

What To Expect At Gootopia Manila

Get ready to get messy with fun things to do like having a slime face fight, riding their super fun slimecorn, or just hanging out in their gooey lounge. Have a fight with their GOO-ZOOKA or play Slime Dunk, the ultimate slime sport where you fight to get slimed.


Slime Pool: Visitors should try the SLIME POOL where they can play and make their own Slime ASMR!

gootopia slime show

Slime Show

Slime Show: All about Slime. Enjoy slime all over the place and your friends!


Goozooka: A blast like no other! Blast your friends with slime and have fun while you’re at it!

Slime Face

Slime Face: Taking competition to higher stakes! Try to slime your friends face and have fun at it.

gootopia slime tower challenge 2

Slime Tower Challenge

Slime Tower Challenge: How long can you hang on? Test on how long you can hang on to the Slime Tower

Balloon Blaster

Balloon Blaster: Test your speed and strength! Let’s see how fast you can make the balloon blast!

gootopia kids


Goonado: How fast can you catch the balls? If you think you are good at catching balls; now is your chance to try!

Boom Boxer

Boom Boxer: How in tune are you? Just simply dance to the tune of the Boom Boxer

gootopia human wrecking ball

Human Bowling Ball

Human Bowling Ball: Have you ever dreamed of riding a wrecking ball? Now is your change to feel like a real life bowling ball!

You can also try the Slime Lab and Slime Dunk!


Now is a great time to have your own costume party! After all, you are going into a strange and wonderful world.

Slime Sentence:

You and your guests can be forced to get slimed, which is the most fun thing anyone can do! The only way out is to win the game and all of its challenges.

Gaming Stations:

This fun house will have different and fun game stations all over it. Your guests will have to push their minds and bodies to the limit.


Award Stage:

The winner of the Great Games of Gootopia will always get a great prize, but we’ll also always have something special for the winner!

gootopia slime

Slime Kit

With their large Slime Lab, you can make your own slime.

gootopia slime shack

Vendors Booths

Photos and videos can be taken by their resident photographer, and you can set up your own food and drink stations for the perfect party setup.

gootopia weird and wonderful


Photo Shoot Package:

Exclusive use of Venue, Good for 5 Pax and Slime show for PHP 9,999 and P 12, 999

gootopia girls

Birthday Package:

Exclusive of venue for 3hrs, Tour and 1hr for the Party or Function, Time Show, Mixed Meal, Party games and prizes, Party Flavors (Loot Bags), Slime Shower for Birthday Celebrant. For 30 Pax (PHP 1,299 per person), For 50 Pax PHP 1,099 per person

Team Building Package:

Exclusive use of venue for 3 Hrs or 2 Hr Toud and 1 Hr for the the Party or Function: includes Slime Show, Boxed Meal, Games and Prizes and Slim Dunk: For 30 Pax (PHP 1,199 per pax), For 50 Pax (PHP 999 per pax)

gootopia goolectic challenge

Group Tour Package:

Exclusive use of the e venue for 2 hours, Minimum of 20 to 30 pax and slime show (PHP 699 per pax – weekday, PHP 799 per pax -weekend)

Gender Reveal Package:

Exclusive use of the venue for 3 hrs, 2 Hr Tour and 1 Hr for Party or FUnction, Slime Show, Boxed Meal, Party Games & Prizes, Party Flavors (Loot Bags): For 30 Pax, PHP 1,229 per person, For 50 Pax 1,099 per person

So, why don’t you just do it? This slime carnival will put your body and mind to the test. One thing is certain, though: this Instagrammable Fun House is unlike any other place you’ve been.

Get your tickets at right now and save Php100 off the price at the door!



Location: Level 3, South Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay
Opening Hours: 10AM – 10PM Daily (Opening on August 5, 2022)

ALL Images Source: Gootopia FB Page

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    Joaquin Eli Bacod

    August 2, 2022 at 9:22 pm

    Wow ang saya nman na mka experience dito . Sure na maraming mag eenjoy sa event na ito ❤️

  2. Avatar

    Apart Cy

    August 10, 2022 at 6:03 am

    Ayyy napakagandang event to,for sure lahat na pupunta dito ay sasaya♥️ at mag eenjoy💯💯

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