GORYEO KOREAN DINING At OKADA MANILA: Korean Dishes Made By A Korean Chef!

We have tried so many Korean restaurants before and this time we’re trying out an authentic one here in Manila. Goryeo Korean Dining is Okada Manila’s best Korean restaurant, and they specialize in Korean barbecue. The restaurant’s dining room is elegant and big, and each table has its own barbecue grill that doesn’t make smoke. The restaurant is called Goryeo (pronounced as Koryo) since this is what Korea was called in the past.

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Goryeo Korean Dining is an upscale Korean barbecue restaurant with a well-curated menu that includes a wide range of tasty banchan appetizers, high-quality imported meats for grilling, and centuries-old recipes that give you a taste of Korea’s flavors.

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Goryeo’s stylish decor gives off a traditional and authentic Korean vibe — thanks to art pieces and fabrics that were inspired by Korea’s ancient dynasties. The restaurant has four private dining rooms, which makes it a great place for smaller, more intimate gatherings and events. 

Innovative smoke-free grilling technology is built into the modern and elegant tables to make dining a real pleasure.

The main dining room can fit people eating alone or in groups of two to eight. The air conditioning and circulation inside the restaurant are both very good. The tables are also spaced out well, which is in line with the rules set by the national government for health and safety.There is a minimum fee for using the private dining rooms, and it is best to make a reservation ahead of time.

The restaurant also has soju and wine available, and guests can also buy unique, custom-made fruit wines to take home.

ALA CARTE MEALS of Goryeo Restaurant

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YUK-JEON MUL NAENGMYEON: This dish was not at all what we were expecting. It was just delicious! The dish has fermented cold beef broth, buckwheat noodles, and a beef pancake. Try it out!

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If you like chicken, you should try this dish, ROSE DAK GANGJEONG. It has Korean fried chicken without bones and a sweet and spicy sauce. It’s a little spicy, but it packs a punch!

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HAEMUL PAJEON: Put this on your plates if you need a quick meal. This dish is a mix of vegetables and seafood.

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HAELMUM SOONDUBU JJIGAE is a Korean dish that you should try if you’re in the mood for seafood. It has fish, vegetables, soft tofu, and a spicy fish broth.

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SO-GALBI JJIM: If you like beef, you have to try this. This dish is a bit pricey, but it has short ribs from the USDA, vegetables, and soy sauce.


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Overall, our time at Goryeo Korean Dining was a good one. We usually eat Korean barbecue, but we wanted to try more Korean food. The restaurant has a Korean chef, so guests can be sure that they will only get real Korean food.

We saw that a lot of Koreans were eating at the restaurant, which made us want to try some real Korean food. We’re going to bring our Koreas friends with us so they can feel right at home in the Philippines


Location: Ground Floor, Okada Manila New Seaside Drive, Entertainment City Complex Parañaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Contact Number: +632 8555 5799
Email Address: [email protected]

For more information, visit: https://eatigo.com/ph/manila/en/r/goryeo-okada-manila-5011053

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